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Summer adventures fit for a scout

We know that the Scouts have got you covered when it comes to summer camps. But what if you're looking for more?

More camping in the wild, more paddling across lakes, more hiking up fells and making new friends?

More time spent watching sunsets than camped out on the sofa watching Netflix! This is your chance to do more than you think.

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Cubs and Scouts

From experienced young campers, to those who've never spent a night under canvas before, our 5 and 7 Day Adventures are perfect for older Cub Scouts looking for a challenge.

Scouts and Explorers

Whether they're new to the world of Scouting, or a PL with years of experience our 5, 7 and 14 Day Adventures give them a range of options that will get them one step closer to achieving their Challenge Awards.

Explorers And Network

A cross between a World Scout Moot, Explorer Belt and the best District camp you've ever been our 19-day programmes will show any Scout what they're capable of.

I could see and feel a change for the better

Our son, Jasper, attended the 19 Day Skills for Life Award at Loch Eli. This story is about the experience we shared as parents before he left and once he returned home.

Should a Scout go Outward Bound?

Why Outward Bound deserves a place in every Scouts heart. Written by a Scout who’s life was shaped by District camps as well as Roverways and Moots.