Vacancies FAQs


Here you'll find the answers to some of the most popular questions asked. But if your query is still not answered, drop us an email and we'll be glad to help.

Read our gender pay gap

Across the UK there is currently an average gender pay gap between men and women’s pay of 13.9% (ie women on average earn 13.9% less on average than men across the UK). As an employer we are required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Do you have an instructor graduate trainee scheme?

Yes, we do offer an instructor graduate trainee scheme.

This is open to all graduates with an outdoor studies degree (or equivalent), who have a passion for big adventures in the outdoors and are keen to train to help young people develop and make the most of their Outward Bound course. Our graduate trainee scheme is intensive and a great way to start your career with one of the UK's leading outdoor education providers.

For more information about the process and to register your interest, click here.

What is your instructor recruitment process?

We have pre-set times across the year when we review whether we need to recruit for staff. We advertise vacancies on our own site and external sites, including promoting the vacancies via various social media platforms. Interview dates and start dates are stated within the advert. We have an online application form which is accessible from our own website. Interviews are held at the appropriate centre.

When shortlisting for interview we look for a mix of both land and water based NGB qualifications, appropriate personal development experience (guiding others to learn and develop), combined with personal experience of outdoor adventure and instigating own personal development.

We run a 5 – 7 week comprehensive induction programme for all new instructors.

What qualifications do I need to work as an instructor for Outward Bound?

Candidates should have passed, as a minimum, an assessment in two of the first three NGB qualifications listed below and completed training in the other, and have appropriate personal development experience.

  • Summer Mountain Leader Award
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • BC Paddlesport Instructor plus Canoe Award, or BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach plus 3* (canoe or kayak)
  • A driving licence (preferably including D1 entitlement) and valid First Aid Certificate are mandatory requirements
  • You must be able to demonstrate a practical ability to safely deliver personal development courses to young people.
What is the recruitment process for all other roles?

We have a wide variety of roles across The Outward Bound Trust from outdoor instructional, and facilities roles, to office based roles in fundraising, sales and marketing to finance and customer services.

To apply for most roles, we require a covering letter (no more than two sides of A4) stating why you're right for this position, together with an up to date CV.

Check the details of the specific job vacancy for more information on how to apply.

What are the progression opportunities for instructors?

The Outward Bound Trust has a progressive 8 point salary scale for Instructors and Senior Instructors. The first 2 points are for Instructor levels which then progress to 6 levels for Senior Instructors.

Progression up the scale is dependent upon the achievement of both formal qualifications and defined indicators of competence. As instructors move up the scale The Trust recognises and rewards qualifications in both teaching and facilitation and outdoor skills. The competencies for each level will be reviewed from time to time and may be changed to reflect the operating needs of The Trust.

Instructors are expected to maintain or increase their qualifications, competence, levels of responsibility and positive influence as they progress up the scales.

Can I do Voluntary work at Outward Bound?

The Outward Bound Associations (OBAs) are groups of local volunteers that help young people access Outward Bound courses from their local area.

The OBAs raise their own funds for local young people, schools, youth groups and youth organisations. They contain many people who have had their own lives shaped by Outward Bound as well as a wide representation from local Schools, Youth Services, Police and many more interested organisations and individuals who just want to help local young people.

Find out more about OBAs please click here.

Volunteering at a Centre

Regrettably, we are unable to assist with requests for voluntary work due to various logistics at the centre in relation to the way we programme our courses, our staff/student ratios, safeguarding, accommodation, etc.

What is your policy on Recruiting ex-offenders

As an organisation using the DBS – Disclosure & Barring Service to assess applicants’ suitability for positions of trust, The Outward Bound Trust (The Trust) complies fully with the DBS Code of Practice and undertakes to treat all applicants for positions fairly. The Trust undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.

The Trust is committed to the fair treatment of its staff, potential staff or users of its services, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependent’s, age, physical or mental disability or offending background.

We actively promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates, including those with criminal records. We select all candidates for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience.

A Disclosure is only requested after a thorough risk assessment has indicated that one is both proportionate and relevant to the position concerned. For those positions where a Disclosure is required, all application forms, job adverts and recruitment briefs will contain a statement that a Disclosure will be requested in the event of the individual being offered the position.

Where a Disclosure is to form part of the recruitment process, we encourage all applicants called for interview to provide details of their criminal record at an early stage in the application process. We request that this information is sent under separate, confidential cover, (to Fran Higgins, HR and Governance Executive, The Outward Bound Trust, Hackthorpe Hall, Hackthorpe, Penrith, CA10 2HX ) and we guarantee that this information will only be seen by those who need to see it as part of the recruitment process.

Unless the nature of the position allows The Trust to ask questions about your entire criminal record, we only ask about 'unspent' convictions as defined in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

We ensure that all those in The Trust who are involved in the recruitment process have been suitably trained to identify and assess the relevance and circumstances of offences. We also ensure that they have received appropriate guidance and training in the relevant legislation relating to the employment of ex-offenders, e.g. the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

At interview, or in a separate discussion, we ensure that an open and measured discussion takes place on the subject of any offences or other matter that might be relevant to the position. Failure to reveal information that is directly relevant to the position sought could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment.

We make every subject of the DBS Disclosure & Barring Service aware of the existence of the DBS Code of Practice and make a copy available on request.

We undertake to discuss any matter revealed in a Disclosure with the person seeking the position before withdrawing a conditional offer of employment.

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences.

Do you offer apprenticeships?

At the moment The Outward Bound Trust doesn't offer apprenticeships for outdoor instructors.

Do you offer mountain training or rock climbing digital logbook (DLOG) experience?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer experience to those looking to add to their Mountain Training or Rock Climbing digital logbook (DLOG). This is due to the way our programmes are set up and staffed. We are sorry we can’t help you develop your skills further this way.