Early Careers

one size does not fit all

Apprentices, graduates, young leaders, emerging talent...

Whatever kind of early careers talent you're responsible for, at whatever stage of their development - you know that their needs are different. Your organisation is different. And Outward Bound is different.

Think back to your most memorable learning moment. We bet it doesn't feature death by Powerpoint. Or an online learning module you whizzed through in your lunchbreak.

No two people are the same, and one size certainly does not fit all. But you want that ‘lightbulb moment’ for your early careers talent. When the theory clicks and their behaviours change.

At Outward Bound we know that the best learning happens in the wild.

That lightbulb moment could come in the middle of a group abseil, during a solo reflection on a mountainside, or in a facilitated discussion with their instructor. But it will come. And it will bring positive and lasting change.