Fund your adventure

Funding Your Adventure

In need of some funding to make this thing happen? You're in the right place.

As a charity we raise money to provide support when you need it most. Whether you need a little or a lot, the Adventure Fund has got you covered. So what are you waiting for?

If you don't think funding support will be available to you - just try! We want to help as many young people access our adventures as we can.

As a UK charity, we are unable to fund those who live overseas and do not have a UK passport, sorry!

Top tip: Don't forget to tell us a bit more about your circumstances and why you want to experience a summer adventure in your application. If you're able to do some fundraising yourself, whatever the amount, it's a great way to show your commitment!

Terms and conditions
  • As a UK charity, we are only able to support UK residents or UK passport holders with our Adventure Fund
  • Funding may be restricted to certain dates and adventures, so make sure you apply early to avoid disappointment
  • Applicants can generally expect to hear back about the progress of their application within a couple of working days
  • We ask successful applicants to submit a post-adventure thank you letter, email or blog that we can share with our donors

You can view our full terms and conditions regarding our booking process here: Please note in particular point 3.6 which states that “The Cancellation Charges are based on the Total Course Fee and therefore upon cancellation The Trust reserves the right to charge you for any Bursary/Funding you may have received".

*The Adventure Fund is part of The Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund

Did you know, you don't have to pay all in one go?

All of our adventures can be paid with a deposit and then in bite-size chunks over many months. This could help you put smaller amounts of money towards the costs of your adventure regularly as you fundraise or save up.

Recommended to the adventure fund by your instructor?

If you managed to pick up an Adventure Fund stamp or recommendation during a stay with school or college, well done. Seriously! Not everyone gets one of those and it means they clearly thought a lot of you and believe you'd get a lot more out of a summer adventure.

So make sure you mention it in your application! Just hit the link below to get started.

Other funding

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Why apply to the adventure fund?

Erin Muir, Summer Adventures participant shares with us why she believes the Adventure Fund is worth applying for.