19 Day Adventure 16-17 years old

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19 Day Adventure 16-17 years

Adventure level: Pinnacle Pinnacle Previous experience of outdoors and camping or already been on an Outward Bound Adventure? Explore deep into the wild and sleep under canvas every night.
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Aged 16-17? Love an adventure with an overnight expedition? This one is for you! Push yourself outside of your comfort zone by taking on the 19-day adventure.



This is our most challenging programme. But big challenges, mean even bigger rewards.

You need previous experience of exploring the outdoors and camping. You may have already been on an Outward Bound Adventure and now want the adventure of a lifetime, where you journey into the remotest corners of the UK and conquer the tallest mountains on the British Isles.

The Pinnacle is a rolling camp from start to finish spending 19 days (18 nights) not just away from home, but away from the centre too, deep in the wild. You'll learn the art of navigation, camp craft and mountaineering as well as more technical skills like canoeing and rock climbing. You'll also be introduced to one of Outward Bound's most famous traditions: 'the solo'. By day nineteen you'll return to the centre with a team that's as solid as a rock, and with memories to last a lifetime.



Your adventure will start with a bang and kick off with infamous Outward Bound jog and dip. This is exactly what it says it is – you will jump or run into the lake or sea.

After you’ve dried off, you’ll spend your first day getting to know your group and your instructor who will let you know what you can expect over the next 19 days.

It’s time to pack up your rucksack and get ready to embark on your adventure. You will journey out and spend your first night under the stars. Soak up the anticipation of what’s ahead and get to know your fellow adventurers.

DAYS 2 - 3

After waking up under canvas you will begin your expedition and start exploring the wild. You’ll be immersed into nature straightaway.

Your journey will begin over land and water where you’ll engage in challenging activities such as canoeing across wild lakes and lochs, and hiking over mountains. This is where you will start building the resilience you need for the adventure ahead and form new friendships.

At the end of your first few days, you will start to see what you are truly capable of and begin to have a deeper appreciation for the natural environment.

DAYS 4-6

The next few days will be like no other as you go deeper into the wild. You will take on invigorating outdoor experiences that push you and help to grow your independence skills, such as meeting canoes at the source of a river and paddling out to the sea, and then hiking back into the mountains on a continuous journey. Each day will end at a new campsite in the wild.

You and your teammates will have each other’s backs as you complete these challenges together. You are now also discovering what the UK wilderness really have to offer by discovering wild places on foot and water that aren’t easy to get to any other way.

DAYS 7 - 8

Now you’ve had a week in the wild, it’s time to look inwards and make time for personal reflection. We do this at Outward Bound by completing a ‘solo’.

A solo is an exercise that enables you to have time for yourself. To be on your own in nature. To do nothing other than being with your thoughts and taking the time to reflect and think about what you have achieved so far and what you want to achieve in the future. The solo can be a transformative part of an Outward Bound course, its effects empowering.

DAYS 9 - 11

As your journey continues, there’s no better time to embrace brand new challenges. You’ll push yourself that bit further and see what you can really do in the wild.

You will take on many peaks enroute, including some of the UK’s most famous mountains. Your instructor will use the next few days to set you new challenges, giving you the opportunity to practise your independence skills. And remember, this is Outward Bound so the next few days will continue to be packed with challenging outdoor activities.

You are now learning how to handle yourself out in the wild as you gain a new sense of independence. There’s no doubt you’ll spend the next few days making memories that will last a lifetime.

DAYS 12 - 14

Is it time to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something new? Grab every opportunity over the next few days. You could strap yourself into a harness and helmet and tackle rock climbing up a spectacular peak. Or you might return to the water and take a leap of faith with cliff jumping and wild swimming.

All the adventures and activities you have taken part in until now has prepared you for the next part of your expedition. Now is the time for you and your fellow adventurers to plan and prepare your own route and how you will complete your adventure.

DAY 15 - 17

This is the final part of your expedition and this will challenge you the most! You will use your new skills to plan a self-led journey into the wild with just your friends for support. Your sense of personal responsibility will be tested as will your resilience skills but you’ll feel more confident and independent than ever before.

You’ll discover your problem-solving skills along the way and build trust with your friends – you will all understand the true value of how important it is to work together as team.

DAYS 18 - 19

You will journey back towards centre – the place where it all started but you will return a stronger and more confident person. You will have the chance to spend time with your friends and work together one last time to take on another adventurous challenge.

You will also have time to celebrate your success! See how far you have come and have a moment or two to reflect on the amazing things you have achieved.

Before you leave, get your well-earned certificate. You will feel you have achieved something monumental over the last 19 days – and believe or not, you will want to do it all over again!


The price, what's included and kit list

Book your 2024 adventure now with a deposit of £150*.

*See our T&Cs for more info.

What's included

  • One instructor from start to finish
  • Full programme, crammed full of activities
  • All the kit to keep you safe, dry and warm
  • Accommodation and bedding
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • A certificate of achievement, a fabric badge and a pin badge

What you'll need

  • A sense of adventure
  • Clothes and footwear for each day
  • £10 deposit for any kit you borrow
  • A camera (for the memories)
  • Money for souvenirs and a post-expedition ice cream (recommended)
  • Your eDofE number (if you're using this for parts of your DofE)
  • Small sports bag or holdall

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20 Jul 2021

The Ultimate

I am so so so grateful that I had the opportunity to do the Ultimate this year at Loch Eil. I had the best time ever and I want to do it all over again! I met the most amazing people who I miss a lot already but we will hopefully be lifetime friends so I will see them again. Also a shoutout to the best instructors ever - Sam and Nathan. I couldn't have done it without them. Thanks Sam for being the kindest person and always listening and thanks Nathan for bringing us fresh vegetables - they were the best thing ive ever tasted! And also a Big thanks to Laura for bringing us food and clean clothes! I recomend this course to anyone and everyone especially if you love a challenge and climbing mountains.
Niamh Hay
21 Aug 2019

Ultimate Expedition 2019 (Aberdovey, Snowdonia)

For me the ultimate meant making new memories, exploring beautiful places, building new friendships, surpassing myself both physically and mentally
to drive myself up several mountains and to smile through thick on thin regardless. Meeting new people and then having to stay with them for 19
days is a strange but exiting experience you'll come to hate and love all of them. The experience you'll gain on this course is priceless whether it's learning to; navigate through forests, scramble up
treacherous rocky paths, rock climb, canoe or to become more confident in yourself, you'll learn it all. Having now done it myself I have no regrets at all, everything gained has been positive. If I were to name just one of the aspects I loved, (too many to count) it would be the fulfilling feeling of achievement after climbing an overbearingly huge
pile of rocks (a.k.a, a mountain) with the summits view as the reward. Even if there is no view the fact that YOU and YOUR team made it to the
top makes you feel like your on-top of the world. I highly recommend signing up for this course, the memories you'll make and the experience you'll gain will last a life time

Robert J
17 Apr 2020

Amazing adventure

I completed this about 2 years ago it was amazing, it a great way to make new friends and learn new skills

Ben W
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