Our Clients

Working in partnership is key to our approach. We work closely with each of our clients to align their Outward Bound programme to their objectives and organisational values as well as the needs of their talent.

Listed below is a small selection of our clients, click on them to find out more about how we work with each of them.

Volkswagen Group

Monday, 25th, March

It's all about the customer on this advanced apprenticeship programme

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Monday, 25th, March

Highlighting the importance of planning and preparation in risk assessment

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Monday, 25th, March

Engaging with schools to identify those with a talent for engineering.

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Monday, 25th, March

Using apprenticeship levy 20% off-the-job training to develop behaviours

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Maritime Educational Foundation (MEF)

Monday, 25th, March

An induction course that improved retention rates by 43%

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Monday, 25th, March

Learning programme that develops the key personal, social and emotional skills.

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Babock (Marine) Clyde

Friday, 08th, March

Multi-award winning apprenticeship programme to develop growth mindsets

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