Not Going To Uni
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Not Going To Uni

Outward Bound and NGTU share a passion for building confidence and behaviours in young people that help them to thrive in life and work. We know how powerful it can be for young people to live their learning in impactful environments, where it’s safe to fail and keep trying.

Not Going To Uni showcases the alternatives to the standard university route, to school and college leavers. Their company is built on supporting young people in finding future careers, and in educating students on all educational routes, ensuring they have the knowledge to understand all options available to them.

They work with a variety of enterprise employers, training providers, FE colleges, gap year providers and SMEs, advertising their apprenticeship vacancies. They are on a mission to change the way that young people engage with brands and discover their future careers. They work closely with schools, colleges, careers advisers and NGTU ambassadors to drive awareness of the fantastic alternatives to university.

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