A behavioural development programme designed to establish new RNLI apprentices into the organisation.

Developing and maintaining a strong pipeline of future talent is important to the RNLI to ensure ongoing delivery and achievement of their charitable mission; to save every one. Apprentices across the RNLI play integral roles in achieving this mission.

Key skills
  • Develop a strong ability to be adaptable.
  • Embed a culture of teamwork and peer learning.
  • Build confidence in positively challenging themselves and others.
The need

The RNLI is an organisation steeped in history and with a strong charitable mission, however the demands of a modern charity mean that staff must be adaptable, able to work as part of a team and embrace change.

The challenges of a modern workforce also mean that young professionals work within a multi-generational workforce and are expected to both learn from those with experience but also have the confidence to appropriately challenge.

The programme needed to help the apprentices develop these required skills quickly so they could settle into and develop within the organisation.

The outcome

The benefits of the Outward Bound programme for our apprentices cannot be understated. When our apprentices attend an Outward Bound week, they arrive with a lot of excitement and nervous energy. By the end the transformation of the attendees is staggering. They are tired but emitting self-confidence. They have been through a week where they have learnt to take ownership and responsibility for the team’s success. The apprentices have also understood the importance of looking after the wellbeing of their teammates. The best thing about this transformation is that it does not dissipate after the event, it lasts and helps these young people go on and have successful careers.

Karen Lyall, Apprenticeship Adviser, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

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RNLI apprentices
How we did it

An Outward Bound experience has been part of the RNLI Apprenticeship programme since 2017. Each year Outward Bound works closely with the RNLI to tailor the course to meet the needs of the group. A designated Course Director ensures pre-arrival communication channels are open so the course content is planned to match RNLI identified outcomes.

This preparation and relationship building between Outward Bound and RNLI ensured a clear understanding of the apprentices and how the weeks activities would be adapted to sufficiently challenge the group.

Building an Outward Bound Experiential Learning programme into their apprentices development journey provided the RNLI with an opportunity to immerse their apprentices in an environment completely different to their normal workplace, giving them the chance to challenge themselves to take on new roles in their team and develop behaviours and skills that would accelerate their development.

“I gained confidence and developed teamwork and leadership skills I can take back into the workplace”.
Apprentice, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
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