A dual module programme at key transitional moments of Sellafield’s graduate development scheme. The first module is six months in, the second just as the graduates’ transition to their substantive roles.

  • Driving personal development and leadership capability.
  • Module 1: holding self to account, exploring leadership styles and team work.
  • Module 2: self-management, influencing others, future orientated goals.
Business need

Sellafield identified two key transition moments that, with support, had the potential to accelerate both their graduates’ personal development and their positive contribution to the organisation. The first of these was ensuring a successful start on joining the graduate scheme, and the second just before they moved into their substantive roles. A modular programme with Outward Bound would enable the graduates to learn from successes and failures, explore new behaviours and enable them to focus on their ongoing development. It also offered a supportive space to reflect and celebrate from at the end of their graduate scheme.

The outcome

Sellafield measure success against their internal competency framework. They survey the graduates pre and post the modules to see how 'in progress' they rate their ability of behaviours. These are the percentage increases reported for the 2021 cohort.

  • Growth Mindset: 36.1% increase
  • Lead and engage others: 27-32% increase
  • Build relationships: 38.5% increase
  • Make decisions: 29.88% increase
Personal learning

These graduates also shared their personal learning outcomes.

“I learnt...

  • when leading a team, how to lead and delegate effectively.”
  • how to best communicate with people who may need different styles of leadership.”
  • about my strengths and weaknesses, as this is not really discussed in my team at work.”
How we did it

Module 1: addresses the common issue of how graduates face the challenges of working in a large, complex organisation whilst helping them recognise the strengths that they bring to the workplace. Scheduled six months in to Sellafield’s graduate programme, it prepares them for successful development during the two year scheme. In module 1, utilising a mix of adventurous activities, they learn how to give and receive peer feedback, reflect on their performance and create an action plan.

Module 2: building on the familiar structure of module 1, graduates are immediately able to explore the leadership behaviours that they are expected to demonstrate in their permanent roles.

When asked what they found most worthwhile about the modular programme these graduates responded:

  • "Time spent with other grads, chance to get out of comfort zone, chance to reflect on personal development goals which otherwise I wouldn’t do."
  • "Testing my limits and discovering more about the kind of person I am and who I could be."
  • "Chance to engage with other graduates and talk about each other’s experiences on the grad scheme and how they relate."
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Sellafield graduates

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