Manufacturing apprentices development programme.


  • Demonstrate an awareness of safety and risk assessments and their importance to Toyota
  • Understand the importance of effective communication and self-awareness
  • Develop an understanding of the Toyota Way and its relevance in the workplace.


  • Use of visiting mentors from Toyota to offer first hand examples of transferring the Toyota Way principles to the workplace
  • Progressive outdoor challenges including an overnight expedition and gorge walk to reinforce principles of effective communication and teamwork
  • Undertaking of tasks with exposure to risk and responsibility to highlight the importance of planning and preparation in safety and risk assessment.


  • 100% of apprentices believed they had improved their awareness of safety and risk assessments
  • 100% of apprentices better understood the importance of communication and its relevance to their role
  • 100% of apprentices improved their self awareness and understood the implication of their actions in a workplace setting.

*delegate evaluation summaries May 2012.

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