Building wellbeing in early careers talent

Wellbeing in your early careers talent

Is wellbeing at crisis point?

  • 43% of young people feel the pandemic has damaged their long-term career prospects
  • 69% said they felt like their lives were on hold
  • 43% said their anxiety had increased

How to help your talent flourish

High levels of wellbeing are found in young people who feel good on a day-to-day basis and believe their life is going well.

Help them to develop their capability of what it means to feel good and function well, and you'll enable them to flourish both in and out of work.

Got 2 mins?

We've summarised exactly how Outward Bound supports wellbeing in early careers talent in this two page download.

Got 5 mins?

If you can't get to Outward Bound right now, watch our top tips for building wellbeing in the workplace.

Got time to talk?

To talk to our team about supporting wellbeing in your apprentices and graduates, please fill in this short form.

Degree apprentices at Outward Bound

Catch up on our wellbeing webinar...

Our webinar brought together apprentices from BAE Systems, Chris Mundin a Group Senior Leader at Toyota UK and Emma Ferris our Head of Impact Evaluation to discuss wellbeing in early careers talent in 2022.

How do our instructors develop wellbeing?

Our instructors are hugely influential in the experience your apprentices and graduates have at Outward Bound. They not only provide outdoor technical and safety assistance, they become role models, demonstrating the attitudes and behaviours that they are aiming to nurture in individuals.

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Feeling good and functioning well