Top tips to build wellbeing
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Top tips to build wellbeing

If you're looking for ideas to implement in the workplace that will help build wellbeing in your early careers talent - then look no further!

At Outward Bound we define wellbeing as feeling good and functioning well. Young people need both to live healthy lives, thrive at work and contribute well to society.

We've identified three key components that are explored, learnt and developed on our programmes, helping young people develop the skills needed to feel good and function well as individuals:

  • Tackling fear of failure and dealing with change
  • Building connections and relationships with others
  • Building a sense of confidence, capability and purpose.
Kristel's Top tips
  • Give them a safe space to try new things without worrying if it goes wrong. Think 'fail safe, fail fast, learn fast'.
  • Networks are lacking. Engineer situations to bring people together. You'll also develop loyalty and a sense of belonging.
  • Maturity is a challenge for lots of early talent. Increase challenge levels and keep them out of the panic zone.
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