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uk youth: wellbeing at crisis point

Wellbeing: a crisis point?

The mental health and wellbeing of many young people has reached crisis point following the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK youth wellbeing is at a 10 year low, with 1 in 2 saying their mental wellbeing has got worse in the past five years*. Their happiness is declining, anxiety increasing and they have one of the lowest levels of wellbeing compared to our European neighbours**.

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Wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well. Have both and you'll be considered to be flourishing.

You can equip young people with the skills they need for good wellbeing. Behaviours that must be developed before adulthood and which are needed for them to live healthy lives, thrive at work and contribute well to society.

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"Before, I didn’t communicate, and my mum would always be asking me how my day was and I’d say ‘it was fine’ and it wasn’t really fine, but now, I can say what was wrong with my day, I can say more about what’s happening in my life. It kind of gives me a sense of relief, whenever I do it.
David, age 16 speaking after his 2021 course with Outward Bound

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Feeling good and functioning well


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