Doing your DofE Award

You Set the Coordinates

The DofE Award

Complete your DofE training, residential or practice expeditions with us.

Ideal for bronze, silver and gold level training as well as the residential element of the gold award. We'll give you the skills and confidence to switch off the GPS and go where the wilderness takes you.

As an Approved Activity Provider, you can be sure that whatever you achieve, it will count towards your DofE Award.

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Bronze and silver Award

For DofE Bronze and Silver, you can complete your training and practice expeditions with us on one of our Pinnacle Adventures.

Gold Award

Any of our 7, 14 or 19-day adventures qualify for the residential element. Our 5 Day adventures cannot be used.

Training and practice expeditions can also be completed on one of our Pinnacle Adventures.

FAQs and important information
Do I need to let anyone know I'm doing parts of my DofE with Outward Bound?

Yes, make sure you tell your school, scout group or whoever you enrolled with, that you plan to complete parts of your expedition with us.

It's also important that you mention it to us before you arrive. Either in your application or by email or phone at least one week before you get to the centre.

How many practice expeditions will I do on the 19 Day Adventure?

You will only have the opportunity to do one practice expedition during the 19 Day Adventure. It is up to you to check how many practices you must do before your qualifying expedition.

If you need to complete more than one, make sure you do this before coming to Outward Bound. We can then sign-off your 19 Day Adventure off as your final one.

Can I update my log book while I'm there?

No, please make sure you come prepared with all the right sections completed before you arrive e.g. if you're just doing your practice expedition with us, you'll need to have your training signed off beforehand.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, you will need to know your e-DofE number. Please make a note of it and/or make sure you bring it with you.

What if I'm completing the International Award?

Non-UK participants who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award can also use Outward Bound to complete parts of their Award.

Just make sure you check beforehand with whoever enrolled you onto the Award and bring proof that they've said it's OK.

Can I backdate my adventure so it qualifies for my residential?
  • Yes, any of our summer adventures can be backdated by up to 3 months and still count towards the residential section of your DofE Award. However, you should make sure that you backdate from the start date of your adventure, not the end.
  • In the event of you taking part in one of our adventures before enrolling on the DofE Award; you will need to make sure that the person who registers you enters a DofE start date that predates your adventure with us.
  • When backdating for residentials you should also be sure that you took part in Outward Bound when you were 16, which is the minimum age you can participate in the DofE Gold Award.

If in doubt, speak to your DofE Leader to check.