Scottish young people need your help

Scottish young People need your help

1 in 4 children in Scotland live in poverty.

We'll just give you a moment to take that in.

One. In. Four.

And it follows, that the less financial freedom you have, the more limited your access is to developmental opportunities.

Our aim at Outward Bound in Scotland isn't specifically to tackle child poverty. But what we can do is welcome these young people on to one of our life-changing residential programmes.

By giving them a learning adventure like no other, they'll build confidence, resilience and self-belief. And begin to realise they can defy their limitations and are capable of #morethanyouthink.

To achieve this, young people need your help.

Ways we support young people in Scotland

As well as working closely with schools and youth organisations, we reach young people in Scotland through these two unique projects:

Scotland's Next Generation

Young people aged 15-19 years old take part in a 19-day Skills for Life Summer Adventure in the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. This life-changing residential course helps them to learn about themselves, about others and the world around them.

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Participants take part in a six-month programme combining a five-day Outward Bound residential with urban-based community project work. The project is empowering young people to improve the lives of others in their local area and providing them with skills to make a positive transition from school.