Feeling good and functioning well - wellbeing at Outward Bound

feeling good and functioning well

Confidence, resilience and supportive relationships: how learning and adventure in the wild improves wellbeing in young people

After several years in decline, the wellbeing of young people has now reached a crisis point following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Figures from the Youth Index 2021 highlight significant and widespread feelings of worry and anxiety amongst young people:

  • 43% of young people surveyed said their anxiety had increased due to the pandemic
  • 47% do not feel in control of their lives
  • 69% said they felt like their lives were on hold

Other reports also show the UK has some of the lowest levels of wellbeing compared to other European nations and the consequences for young people’s life chances are deeply concerning.

At Outward Bound, we cannot ignore this. All young people should have the opportunity to flourish and thrive in life – no matter their circumstances or background.

Because of this crisis, it has become more important than ever that we understand the role that Outward Bound courses play in enhancing wellbeing.

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"I realised I wasn't scared anymore"

Tori had been anxious about going back to school after lockdown and national restrictions. But with the help of Outward Bound, she has rediscovered her confidence and her anxiety has diminished.

“It’s made me see the bigger picture and see that maybe the world isn’t all that bad. Outward Bound taught me to really see the beauty in nature and there are incredible parts of the world out there, and nice people who will help you to be you.”

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Outward Bound has helped me in my everyday life. Like when I don't feel like doing something I'd be like, 'no, let me just do something that will better myself.'
Alice, age 18
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