Your Guide to Completing our Participant Information Form

Completing Your Participant Forms

Please find below some helpful guides to submitting your Participant Information forms.

New to these forms?

Listen to our 2 minute video to get you started.

Why does my link not work?

If you are not getting through to a log in page, its most likely that the link has been edited in some way. Please ensure that if you are sending the link on behalf of OB to your group you do not amend this.


You could be trying to access this from a browser that isn’t compatible. The form is supported on Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox browsers. Due to Microsoft being in the process of retiring Internet Explorer we strongly recommend you do not use this browser as you will likely encounter issues when you try to submit your form.

I can't register/log in

Please ensure you follow these steps. You must verify by using the code that gets automatically send to the email address you are trying to register. You can then set up a password.

  1. By clicking on the link provided, you should land on a page that looks like this. Press Sign up now, in blue text, under the Sign in Button.
  2. Another white pop up box will appear. In this screen, please put your email address in and then press the Send verification code button.
  3. Go into the inbox of the email account you have provided, and you should receive an email with a verification code. Please note, this code is only valid for 10minutes after you request it.
  4. Input the code and press Verify code
  5. You should then get a message in the white box to say; ‘Email address has been verified. You can now continue.’
  6. Then input a password of your choice, and Confirm this password in the following box.
  7. You should then get a screen appear that has a title of Participant Information Dashboard, with a Blue banner that has the title of the Event/your school business name.
  8. If you are the parent guardian of the Young Person and they are under 18 years of age, please press the Green Add Participant Button. If the Young persons (You) are 18 or over, please complete using the Blue Register Self button.
  9. This will then open up the form itself and you can complete all the information required for your participation on the course.
I’ve tried Re-setting my password but it doesn’t work?

Please go through the re-set password as the screens tell you and then go back to the original front page, enter your email address and your new password and press log in. This should work.

I’ve part completed my form but cant log back in?

In this instance, please try re-setting your password. If not, please contact

I’m filling out the form now but worried I will have different information by the time I go on the course

Please log back into your account and go through the form to make the appropriate changes. A common change might be shoe size, height or weight, as an example.

I keep getting the loading message and it says to contact

Often the link works better on a mobile device, rather than desktop.

If you are accessing this using a device that might have limitations due to any restrictions set by Firewalls. If you suspect the security is causing this error, please ask for the portal to be White-listed.

Have you tried clearing clear the cache/cookies on your device?

Android - Clear the app's cache & data

Start here, then finish the process on your device.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app .
  2. Tap Apps & notifications.
  3. Follow the steps on your device to find the browser/email app.
  4. After you select the app, storage & cache options should be available.
  5. Clear cache: Deletes temporary data.

Here’s how to clear the cache on your iPhone:

  1. Here’s how to clear the cache on your iPhone: #Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down until you see the entry for Safari.
  2. Scroll down again and tap Clear History and Website Data.
  3. Confirm by selecting Clear History and Data.