Your Guide to Completing our Participant Information Form

Completing Your Participant Forms

Every participant coming to Outward Bound needs to complete a Participant Information Form.

The Participant Information Form provides us with the information we need to ensure that all participants are fit to take part, as well as support us to understand their individual needs and identify things like dietary requirements. If the participant is under 18, the form needs to be authorised by a parent or guardian.

If you are completing this for the first time, this page includes videos and support to help you complete and submit your Participant Information Form successfully.

Video: Getting started - creating an account

Before completing your Participant Information Form, you will need to set up an account. This is so you can save the form as you fill it in, as well as enable you to come back and amend if you need to.

Watch this short video to see how you set up an account.

Video: Completing your form - once your account is set up

Once you have set up your account, you are ready to complete your Participant Information Form.

Watch this short video to see how to complete your form.

Help with specific questions

If you have a specific question or are having any technical issues, please check the guidance below.

If this section does not answer your question, please email us at

How do I register and access the form?

You should have received an email with your own unique link to access your Participant Information Form. Your first step is to click this link and register for an account.

It is important that you register an account first before you try to log in. Please watch our short video guides if you are unsure how to register, or log in once you have registered.

If you need guidance in a written format, please email

I’ve created an account, but forgotten my password

To reset your password, click on your link to access the Sign In page and follow these steps:

1. Type in your email address and click ‘Forgot your password?'

2. You will be asked to follow some instructions to reset your password.

3. Once you have followed the instructions, go back to the Sign In page, enter your email address and your new password, and then click 'Log In.'

I have started filling in my form and saved it, but I can’t log back in to complete it

In the first instance, we recommend resetting your password. If this does not work, please email

I've completed the form, but the information I have provided has now changed. Can I log back in and update the form?

Yes, you can log back into your account and update any of the information you submitted on your form by clicking 'amend'.

The link to the form I have been sent is not working

If the link doesn't work, there are a couple of things you can try to help fix this issue:

1. Check that the original link hasn't been altered or changed.

The link is unique to your event and any changes, including using URL shortening tools such as BITLY, will prevent it from working correctly.

If you are sending the link on behalf of Outward Bound, please ensure you do not amend this.

If you have been sent the link from a school or employer, go back to them to check that they haven't altered the original link in any way before sending it to you.

2. Ensure you are using a browser that supports the form.

The form is supported by Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge, Safari and Firefox browsers, so we recommend you complete the form using one of these browsers.

Unfortunately, the form is not supported in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and will fail to submit if you use this browser.

I am getting a loading error message

If you receive an error message, there are a couple of things you can try to help fix this issue.

1. Are you accessing the form at work or school?

An error message is sometimes triggered when trying to complete the form on a school or work device, or when connected to a work or school internet connection. Organisations may 'block' web pages from loading which will cause the error message to show. If you see the error message under these circumstances, please try completing the form using your own device at home or by using a 4G network.

2. Are you accessing the form on a mobile?

If you are completing the form on a mobile, sometimes pre-stored cookies can prevent the form from working correctly. We suggest you try to clear the cache/cookies stored on your device.

To do this on an Android device:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap  'Apps & notifications'
  • Follow the steps on your device to find the 'Browser/email' app
  • After you select the app, storage and cache options should be available
  • Clear cache:  'Deletes temporary data'.

To do this on an iPhone or Apple device:

  • Open the 'Settings' app
  • Scroll down until you see the entry for Safari
  • Confirm by selecting 'Clear History and Data'.
I keep getting a message saying I must complete all submissions before registering another?

If you see the message ‘Incomplete submissions must be completed before registering a new participant’ it means that you are yet to submit a previous form that you have started to complete. You will be unable to start any new submissions until you have done this, so it is important to finish and submit any forms in progress.

I get an error message when entering Date of Birth

Please ensure you have the correct format and date in this field. To avoid any confusion or disappointment we need to make sure all Young People are the right age to attend on the Start Date of the course.

What options are there to register?

You can use your Microsoft, Google, Facebook and/or Twitter account to register, just simply click on the icon of the platform you wish to use.

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