Employee Ambassador Programme

Employee Ambassadors

Our Employee Ambassador programme is a volunteering opportunity like no other.

It's time for your employees to turn on their 'out of office' and join 12 young people on their Outward Bound programme. But they won't watch from the sidelines, they'll be with them every step of the way, from their first dip in the water to the moment they summit the top of a mountain.

Acting as a positive adult role model, your employees will mentor the young people throughout, helping them to develop their confidence and build essential life skills. And the benefits don't stop there, our employee ambassador programme is a win for your employees and organisation too...

Emily with her group at Aberdovey

What's in it for schools and young people?

Research shows a positive relationship between the number of employer contacts that a young person has in school, and their confidence in progressing towards their career goals, the likelihood that they will become NEET and their future earnings. Skills learnt at Outward Bound are skills for life, directly mapping against key employability skills desired by employers. Employee ambassadors bring this learning to life, sharing a real insight into how the world of employment works.

What's in it for your organisation?

It connects directly with your CSR strategy, can help build sustainable relationships in your local community and showcase you as an aspirational employer. 78% of ambassadors have more awareness of their company's CSR aims and 92% feel more engaged with them. If you're looking to engage employees, as well as being a fantastic reward for performance, 92% of employee ambassadors feel more proud of their company and 83% have more enthusiasm for their work.


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