Funding your adventure

The Adventure Fund is a huge pot of money that we set aside every year to help anyone who needs it!

We regularly award funding to help young people's summer adventures become a reality. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find out how to get your application in.

The Adventure Fund

We won’t let money stand in the way of anyone who wants to take part in an Outward Bound summer adventure, that's why we created the Adventure Fund.

All you have to do is complete our short online form, with a few details about yourself, why you want to take part, and what fundraising you plan to do. It's that easy.

We'll then get in touch after a couple of days to let you know how much we can offer.

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JSYK: The Adventure Fund is part of the Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund

Did you know?

You don't have to pay all at once! The best way to think of our price is like eating an elephant (cue Outward Bound instructor analogy):

Question: How do you eat an elephant? Thinking

Answer: One bite at a time! Knife And Fork

All of our adventures can be paid with a deposit and then in bite size chunks over many months. The best bit? Funding is granted based on your need and appetite for adventures too... not elephants!


Received a recommendation from your instructor?

If you managed to pick up an Adventure Fund stamp or recommendation from your instructor during your Outward Bound course with school, well done. Seriously! Not everyone gets one of those and it means they clearly thought a lot of you and that they believe you'd get a lot from a summer adventure.

A recommendation is quite something, putting you in line for some serious funding so make sure you mention it in your application! Just hit the link below to get started. 

>> Apply now


Getting started with your fundraising:

Fundraising is one the best ways to cover the cost of your adventure if you don’t have the cash upfront. We also tend to look at Adventure Fund applicants a little more favourably if you've put in some graft yourself *hint hint*.

Fundraising needn't be a chore! It can be a good way to involve your mates and family in your Outward Bound journey, as well as get you in the right mindset for a challenging adventure. A little fundraising can go along way too; helping you find, set and achieve a goal before you even set foot in one of our centres.

>> Download the fundraising kit


Regional and national funding:

Babcock Blog   Warwick Apprenticing Charities

These guys have been funding young people in the parish of Warwick for hundreds of years (seriously) to go Outward Bound. If you live in the CV34 postcode area you NEED to check them out. Lucky applicants could get up to 100% funding towards a place on the Skills for Life Award.

7 Reasons Not To Go OB   The Sir Francis Chichester Trust 

From Barnstable to Torquay, the Chichester Trust has funded young people in Devon to go Outward Bound since 1968. If you live in this patch, you could receive up to 100% funding towards a place on the Skills for Life Award.

 Stores Employment Blog Main   A Brush with Adventure

Made possible by our friends over at Akzo Nobel, A Brush with Adventure is an opportunity for 12 young people to take on a 7-day Serious Adventure in Aberdovey. Fully-funded by Akzo, participants can expect a regular Serious Adventure, but with the added optional bonus of being able to continue their personal development through the Dulux Brighter Futures Programme. 

Annington 3  

The Annington Challenge

The Annington Challenge enables young people from military families to take part in an Outward Bound programme with up to 90% funding.


 Why Hire Apprentice Sticky Content Main Image   Scotland's Next Generation

From the Scottish Borders, to the Highlands and Islands, Scotland's Next Generation has been providing funding for young people since 2012 to take part in an Outward Bound Skills for Life Award at Loch Eil.


Farin Blog Main  

The Matthew Bacon Bursary Fund

In loving memory of Major Matthew Bacon, this fund exists to help enable young people from service families to experience true adventure. 



Please note:

  • As a UK charity we are only able to support UK residents or UK passport holders with our Adventure Fund
  • Funding may be restricted to certain dates and adventures, so make sure you apply early to avoid dissapointment
  • Applicants can generally expect to hear back about the progress of their applications in around a couple of working days
  • We ask successful applicants to submit a post-adventure thank you letter, email or blog that we can share with our generous funders
  • You can view our full terms and conditions regarding our booking process here: Please note in particular point 3.6 which states that “The Cancellation Charges are based on the Total Course Fee and therefore upon cancellation The Trust reserves the right to charge you for any Bursary/Funding you may have received".

The Adventure Fund is part of The Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund