Why support us?

Why we need you

Our work changes lives. It's why we exist.

But we can't do what we do without our corporate partners. Together we make a significant difference to the lives of young people living in the UK today.

What we do is really needed in UK society today

It's never been easy being young. In today's world, political and economic uncertainties are affecting future prospects. And that's without all the other barriers that can stop our young people from leading healthy and happy lives. Evidence shows physical health is at risk with increased obesity stats, their wellbeing is in decline and mental health issues are on the rise. Then there's the fact that they've been bombarded with information every minute of every day since they were born, yet they don't learn the skills needed at work. What’s more, those from poorer backgrounds are doubly disadvantaged – they reach lower levels of educational attainment and are more likely to experience mental and physical health issues than those from richer backgrounds.

That's where we come in. At Outward Bound we help young people to defy their limitations. Because, perceived or real, our limitations can hold us back and stop us reaching our full potential. Young people leave Outward Bound with skills for life – confidence, resilience and motivation to succeed. Most importantly they take away the most important lesson they could ever learn: to believe in themselves.

Join the collective

The Outward Bound Collective is a group of supporter companies giving invaluable fundraising support to the Outward Bound Trust, but who perhaps aren’t yet ready for a more structured Corporate Partnership with us. You don’t need to commit to any guaranteed fundraising amounts, and anything you are able to fundraise or donate will go to support our mission and help young people to learn that they can do more than they think.


Working with us aligns to your business strategy

A bold statement, but one we stand by.

Supporting Outward Bound can help you to engage your employees and strengthen your brand with your customers. Our work also has a direct impact on key CSR issues such as mental health and wellbeing, employability and working closely with your local communities.

And if people development is high on your agenda then you may be interested to know that our employee ambassador programme develops leadership skills in 91% of attendees. If you employ apprentices and graduates talk to us about their behavioural development - any surplus cash from this work goes straight to our bursary pot to fund learning programmes for more UK kids.

Supporting Outward Bound is not just a one way street. We'll work with you to build a unique and innovative partnership that benefits your organisation too.

Live a life worth living, together we are Outward Bound...

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