Visiting staff information

Visiting Staff Information


Due to the nature of our courses, it's important that all Visiting Staff are as prepared as possible prior to their arrival.

Roles and responsibilities at centre

Our centres are managed by a Head of Centre. The daily operation of the programme is the responsibility of the Operations Manager, who will make themselves known to you on arrival or at an early stage of your course.

Learning and Adventure Managers oversee the running of all of the courses throughout the week, they will be your key point of communication should you have any suggestions, concerns or require more information.

Group Instructors work 1:12 for the duration of the course. They are responsible for delivering the programme, meeting course outcomes and for the welfare and personal development needs of participants in their groups.

Duty Instructional night staff start their duty at 5.00pm each evening and work through until 9.00am the next morning. They assist with the general running of the centre during this time and are available to help course participants and visiting staff to ensure there is 24-hour pastoral care.

We often have a number of clients' courses running concurrently.

What is expected of visiting staff?

Whilst instructors will take responsibility for safe practice during activities, Visiting Staff is asked to:

  • Assist in supervising their group at all times.
  • Designate at least one member of staff to be the main point of contact for each course.
  • Work with Outward Bound staff in matters of discipline concerning course participants.
  • Adhere to our Community Code.
  • Join in with activities where possible.
  • Attend and contribute to review sessions run by Outward Bound instructors.
  • Chase up course participants who are poor time-keepers.
  • Ensure course participants do not visit each other’s dormitories during non-activity periods.
  • Encourage course participants to keep areas in and around the centre tidy.
  • Manage and control course participants’ medication.
  • Assist in the case of sickness or injury.
Outcomes for visiting staff

Evidence in our latest Social Impact Report shows that, through observing their pupils' progress and achievements during the course, teaching staff can increase their understanding of their pupils' abilities, improve their relationships with pupils and, in some cases, further develop their own teaching skills.

72% of teachers agreed that the course had given them the opportunity to support pupils in a more targeted way and 80% of teachers said they gained in some way themselves from the course.

View our Social Impact Report.

Pre-course materials

All participants including Visiting Staff must complete an enrolment and medical form, which must be returned to us no later than six weeks prior to your course start date.

We recommend that you visit our dedicated resource area and download our pre-course learning materials. We encourage participants to work through these activities prior to attending their Outward Bound course. This can help them to feel more prepared for the experience, often resulting in enhanced learning from the course.

Free taster courses

We run free taster courses throughout the year. This enables teachers to immerse in our outdoor learning process allowing them to build their confidence and knowledge and to experience the benefits first-hand. It's an ideal opportunity to meet our expert instructional staff and discuss the requirements of your school with members of our team whilst contributing towards professional development.

All food, equipment and accommodation, are provided free of charge - you just need to bring yourself, a colleague and a sense of adventure!

View available dates.