Recruitment toolkit

Recruitment Toolkit

Here you will find a bank of resources you can use to excite, engage and encourage your young people to particpate in an Outward Bound course.

Why go on an Outward Bound adventure?

Let some of our recent adventurers tell you why.

Sounds of Outward Bound

This video will give potential participants a flavour of what a course is like and the environments we operate in.

This is Outward Bound

Want to show your young people what they might experience at Outward Bound? Show them this short video.

What is an Outward Bound centre like?

Do your young people have lots of questions about the centre? What are the rooms like? What is the food like? What is there to do? This video will answer their questions.

Hear from boxer Luke Campbell

Olympic gold medalist boxer Luke Campbell highlights the benefits to young people and why they should go on an Outward Bound course.

See a school course in action

Let your young people see first-hand what kind of activities they will be doing and how much fun they will have!

Preparing for an Outward Bound course

Two past particpants, Jed and Charlotte, share what they got out of an Outward Bound course and give their advice.