Recruitment toolkit

Recruitment Toolkit

Why come to Outward Bound?

Young people are faced with lots of choice nowadays. Getting them to put aside their nerves, feel excited and commit to a residential isn't easy.

Recruitment resources

We hope the films and resources on this page will help answer their questions about what to expect and what life will be like at Outward Bound.

Why should I come? What will I be doing?

Life at centre and out on course...

Your questions answered...

Use the arrows below to scroll our resources that help with questions from "how to go to the toilet outdoors" to "why go to Outward Bound in winter?"

But first here's a simple graphic that shows the journey of a young person who comes to Outward Bound.

Peeing, pooping and periods

We've demystified what happens when you need to go to the toilet outdoors.

Here's our guide for peeing, pooping and periods in the outdoors!

What's it like in winter?

The thought of coming to Outward Bound in winter can be quite scary. It'll be cold and wet - so you'll be cold and wet too right? Wrong! Here are some resources to wipe those frosty fears away.

Making the most of Outward Bound

We know that young people who think about why they're coming beforehand can see some real benefits. We've got a blog and a poster to help them with this process, working through how they can make the most of their Outward Bound adventure.