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It's time to level up!

Every summer we invite young people back to our centres to continue their Outward Bound journey. Building on their experience with school, we teach the most important lesson they could ever learn: self-belief.

It's the superpower that shows them who they really are, giving them the confidence to reach outside their comfort zones and explore their talents.

How? By knocking boredom out of the park and using nature as our playground. We introduce participants to a world of adventure where friendship comes easy and achievement is hard earned.

From rowing across lakes and camping under the stars, to moonlit campfires and hiking in the wild. No matter their background or ability, our typical participant has one thing in common - they're all capable of more than they think.

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Pick from a range of short 7 day adventures to full-blown 19 day expeditions for 15-19 year olds. The start date, location and duration is up to you.

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Funding your adventure

We won't let money stand in the way of having adventures, that's why we made the Adventure Fund. Apply now to see how much you get towards a summer of a lifetime.

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