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If you believe Outward Bound changed your life in a positive way, and you are able to do so, can you pay it forward to enable a young person to follow in your footsteps?

Finance should not be a barrier to access adventure and transformation. But over 80% of young people who attend our courses need some level of financial assistance to do so.

You could sponsor a young person to go on an 19 Day Adventure. This is Outward Bound’s most challenging course today. Participants take part in activities like rock climbing, cutter sailing and canoeing. It's expedition based and includes a ‘solo’ to encourage reflection and growth.

It takes every single participant out of their comfort zone and is the most comparable with the month-long Classic or Rover course you may have undertaken. Will you now pay it forward and offer a young person a scholarship for the 19 Day Adventure, in your name, today?

Outward Bound 1969 vs. 2021

Tom and Sadie are both Outward Bound alumni. Tom went on his course in 1969 and Sadie went on her course in 2021.

Although their adventures took place 52 years apart, did they have a similar experience? In this video, they look back and talk about the impact of their sponsored courses.

The three levels of scholarship

There are three levels of alumni scholarship available - bronze, silver and gold - and these amounts will be allocated to participants based on need and your wishes.

How to give a scholarship

There are three ways you can donate:

1. Make a one off or instalment payment online.

2. To make a payment over the phone email with your name, phone number, level of donation and we'll call you back. Or call 020 3301 6489.

3. Download, fill in the pledge form and post this to: The Outward Bound Trust, 4th Floor, 207 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8XD.

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