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Our adventures are for 10-22 year olds and there is something for everyone - whether you're looking for your first wilderness experience to an epic 19-day adventure where you spend every night under canvas.

Our Summer Adventures has been carefully levelled to help you pick the right adventure for you. Choose from Basecamp, Ridge, Summit and Pinnacle adventures. Why not try and conquer them all?


Spend 5 days (4 nights) away from home at one of our residential centres in an awe-inspiring location. If you're aged 10-12 years old, you'll experience at least one evening around a campfire where you'll eat under the stars and share stories with your group. If you're 13-17 years old, you'll get to experience an overnight expedition where you'll camp in the wild, either in a mountain hut, a tent or bivvying under the stars.

This could be your first wilderness experience or first time away from home on your own. We're here to give you a supportive, but challenging and adventurous experience. Making the most of the natural environment, you'll learn to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone by tackling a range of challenging outdoor activities.

This is a 5-day adventure like no other. Spend time in the great outdoors, make new friends and develop new skills like independence and personal responsibility. Go home a stronger, more confident version of yourself and learn the most important lesson you could ever learn: to believe in yourself.


Spend 7 days (6 nights) away from home, staying at one of our residential centres in an awe-inspiring location. As part of your adventure, you'll journey to an overnight wild camp, making your way on foot, water or both, and spend an unforgettable night out in the wild.

A Ridge Adventure is more challenging than Basecamp, so you're likely to already have outdoors experience, such as being part of Scouts or Guides, or been to Outward Bound before. But with more challenge, comes more fun and more discovery. You will learn what you are really capable of by tackling something new and different. Making the most of the natural environment, you'll stretch yourself further outside of your comfort zone with a range of challenging outdoor activities in some amazing locations.

Whatever happens, you'll have a memorable week exploring the great outdoors. The ultimate digital detox away from screens and the distractions of life. You'll make friends for life and grow the skills and strategies you can use in the outside world, like; motivation, independence and personal responsibility. You'll even build workplace skills that stand out on your CV, ready for the future.


Here you'll find some of our most adventurous programmes for 13-17 year olds. You'll spend 14 days (13 nights) away from home, experience multi-day adventures and nights out in the wild away on overnight expeditions.

To take on the challenge of a Summit Adventure, you'll already have experience of exploring the outdoors and camping in the wild. You may have been to Outward Bound before or taken on challenges like your Duke of Edinburgh Award. You'll also have some independence in nature and are now seeking your next challenge and crave the opportunity to discover more about yourself.

Over 14 days you will face high levels of personal challenge and have the unique opportunity to lead your own expedition into the wilderness, exploring what the UK outdoors really has to offer. This is where you'll tackle both metaphorical and physical mountains. There's no better place to enhance your personal skills like problem-solving and teamwork, and deepen your social and emotional awareness. In the end, you will know what you're worth - you will leave Outward Bound with friends for life and a new level of confidence that will change your life.


There's only one course that's worthy of 'pinnacle' status and that's our infamous 19 day adventure. For 16-22 year olds, you'll spend 19 days (18 nights) not just away from home, but away from the centre too, deep in the wild. That's right, this is one epic adventure where you'll explore deep into the wild and sleep under canvas every night.

Prepare to meet your harshest teacher yet: mother nature. You need previous experience of exploring the outdoors and camping. You may have already been on an Outward Bound Adventure and are now want the ultimate adventure of a lifetime, where you journey into the remotest corners of the UK and conquer the tallest mountains on the British Isles. You will have self-reliance and independence, and seeking to now push yourself beyond your limits to see what you are truly capable of. To be more than you think.

This is Outward Bound's most challenging programme. But the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. This we guarantee: you will not be the same person at the end. After 19 days you'll return with a team that's as solid as a rock and with memories to last a lifetime.