Let Us Out

let us out

We're on a mission to let every child in Scotland, England, and Wales experience an outdoor residential so they can become strong, resilient and curious, ready for the challenges of life.

Put simply: we want outdoor residentials to be part of the school curriculum, so no young person is left behind.

"I overcame my fear...

The people I was in a group with helped me believe in myself. Afterwards, I felt happy and proud because some of things I’ve done, I thought I would never do."


"It's definitely made me grab life...

...with two hands – to take every opportunity that comes my way, regardless of how difficult it is.”


"I have gained self-awareness

Of the fact that no matter how tough life gets, I can push through and achieve the task."


“Before I doubted myself...

...now when things seem difficult, I know there is always a way out of it. It’s just about finding the right solution.”


Take Action

Write to your MP. Show your support on social. You'll find everything you need to join the movement on the #LetUsOut Resource Hub.

Can't Wait?

Neither can we. It could be a long journey ahead before these Outdoor Education Bills come to pass, but you can support young people now.

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Residentials now

Our courses take participants on a journey of self-discovery. Leave your comfort zone behind and head to the UK's wildest mountains and landscapes.

Wild child

Outward Bound gives young people an experience they can't get inside the classroom. It is often one they have never have felt before.


Together, we can inspire young people to believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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