Our Approach

Our Approach

From induction to final placement - whatever stage your early careers talent come to Outward Bound they'll leave us with a new mental toolkit and feeling prepared for the next stage of their career.

We deliver this through our unique balance of:


Our experiential learning methodology, combined with appropriate theory and organisational language makes the learning active and the analogy with work obvious. Change is then embedded quickly and transferred easily to the workplace.


Our trainers are amazing. They're not only technically qualified to take your talent safely into the outdoors - but are expert learning facilitators who will help your learners to identify and achieve their goals, whilst addressing your business needs.


Your programme will take place at one of our six dedicated training venues. Our wilderness locations allow your early careers talent to get out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves and realise that they can achieve more than they thought possible.


We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ programmes. Outward Bound get results because we design our behavioural development programmes in partnership with you, tailored to your specific requirements and with agreed measures of success.


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Graduate Development

Support your graduates to perform to their full potential with a challenging Outward Bound development programme.

Apprentice Development

We've been working with apprentices for over 75 years. We know the challenges they face and how to set them up for success.