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Equip UK

As owners of the Rab and Lowe Alpine brands, Equip Outdoor Technologies UK pride themselves on designing exceptional products that meet the needs of their active customers. Their passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit sets the foundation for what they do. And they encourage their teams to thrive and be part of their success.

Like Outward Bound, they share a passion for encouraging more young people to experience the power, freedom, mental and physical benefits of the great outdoors, so we're delighted that they've announced a new two year partnership with us. Together we'll work on an educational character development programme - helping 48 young people defy their limitations through learning and adventure in the wild.

We share the same enthusiasm to help more young people to experience the multiple benefits of the most dynamic classroom available – the great outdoors "
Giles Polito, Equip UK
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During the pandemic, Outward Bound were unable to run our usual residential programmes. Instead we asked for support to enable our instructors to hit the road and go to schools, to give primary and secondary pupils the development they needed to manage the challenges of lockdown and the uncertainty of life and next steps.

Equip UK brought the power of learning and adventure to the David Nieper Academy, located close to their HQ in Derbyshire. By adapting our programmes, we helped these pupils to discover adventure in their local environment and build new life skills. Thanks to Equip UK's generosity, this opportunity was available to the pupils who needed it most.

Giles Polito, Commercial Director at Equip UK comments: “Outward Bound and Equip UK understand the inspiration and power that can be harnessed through wilderness environments. We share the same enthusiasm to help engage and positively influence more young people to experience the multiple benefits of the most dynamic classroom available – the great outdoors.”

Nick Barrett, CEO at Outward Bound concludes: “We are delighted to have Equip UK’s support for the work we do to enable more and more young people to have adventures and to learn - regardless of their financial circumstances. We welcome partnerships from within the outdoor industry, such as this one, as they help make this happen.”


If you're an organisation who shares our passion and think you could support young people in the UK today, please get in touch.