Ramble Worldwide Fuels Youth Adventures
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Ramble Worldwide Fuels Youth Adventures

In October 2023, a group of 60 intrepid young people from Shoreditch embarked on an unforgettable journey at our Ullswater Centre. Their Outward Bound adventure was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Ramble Worldwide Outdoor Trust (RWOT).

Their five-day experience, brimming with curiosity and challenge, offered these young people a chance to step into and explore the great outdoors, whilst getting as far away as possible from the hustle of city life. It was an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature's playground and embrace whatever Mother Nature could throw at them. Pupils also joined in with our Protest in the Peaks as part of the Let Us Out campaign to make outdoor residentials part of the curriculum across Great Britain.

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Protest in the Peaks

Peter Edgerton, a Trustee of RWOT, shared his joy: “It was great to see these youngsters experiencing the Lake District in all its moods for the first time, and really enjoying themselves in the gorge.” Jeff Sissons, RWOT's Chair, echoed this very sentiment: “We are very pleased that RWOT is supporting young people through Outward Bound to experience the beauty our countryside can bring, and be introduced to the long-lasting benefits of adventures in the outdoors.”

The participants were just as stoked. “Thank you as I have experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” one young adventurer fed back. Another added, “Thank you for allowing me to be pushed from my comfort zone.” These reflections underline the transformative power of these kinds of experiences, especially for those who rarely get to experience these kinds of opportunities.

The opportunity for students from a deprived area with little green space to come to the Lake District and partake in these activities is invaluable

Teaching staff from Shoreditch, were also just as moved by the experience. “Thank you. I think for students who are from inner-city London and have barely seen the countryside, this experience is unforgettable and irreplaceable,” one Teacher, Emma noted. While Teaching Assistant Fred, commented on the broader impact, “The opportunity for students from a deprived area with little green space to come to the Lake District and partake in these activities is invaluable.”

Through activities like hiking, camping, and team-building exercises, these young people not only discovered the beauty of nature but also learned valuable life lessons about themselves and what they're capable of achieving.

At the heart of this remarkable journey lies the support of RWOT, whose generosity has not only brought joy and adventure to these young lives but also sown seeds for a lifelong appreciation of nature and the outdoors. Their partnership with Outward Bound is a testament to the power of collaboration in making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people.

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