Outward Bound Reflections
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Outward Bound Reflections

Dylan Carroll, Head of Legacy at Outward Bound

The Outward Bound Trust has provided young people with experiences in the outdoors for over 80 years.

Recently we asked some of our alumni to look back at their Outward Bound connections and describe their impact on them at different stages of their lives. We had an overwhelming response to our invitation for an interview and carefully selected a small sample that best represents the diversity of our alumni.

Participants reflected on their journey to Outward Bound and the people and places they encountered. They also reflected on the lasting impact of their Outward Bound experience, its impact on their education and employment, values and mindset, physical health, interests, and connection to nature.

750x550 Alumni Ullswater 1960 camp

One big takeaway from this qualitative research was how the contributing individuals have progressed through their life, their learnings and experiences connected to Outward Bound change in relevance and meaning; it is a constantly evolving influence and state of mind.

You can download the research by clicking here.

We hope you find the research interesting and if you are also part of our Outward Bound alumni, relevant to your own experience.

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