Outward Bound 24 - Alumni return to Eskdale
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Outward Bound 24 - Alumni return to Eskdale

As Eskdale alumni boarded The Outward Bound Trust minibus to return to their centre after ‘some’ years since last leaving the gates, any trepidation was soon dispersed by the beating sun and connection with other passengers, all with a common shared experience and a lifetime of nostalgia to process.

Following a hearty lunch and tour of centre to showcase developments in equipment and methodology, guests sat and reminisced as a group about their time at Outward Bound. The memories were individual and collective and aided by course reports, photos and film footage from the Eskdale archive.

Half of the group walked around the tarn, the other half canoed over it, one or two even braved the water and jumped in it (!) to re-enact the (in)famous ‘jog & dip’. A more sedate dinner was then taken in the library, followed by speeches from Roger Putnam (Eskdale Warden 1968-88) and TV host and expedition leader, Paul Rose, who focused on the societal importance of Outward Bound teachings and values.


To see photos from the event, please follow this link: https://we.tl/t-zOo0WzmPut

After a good night’s sleep, guests watched current course participants in action and were invited to attended an end of course presentation from a group of apprentices who had been at the centre all week. Alumni drew comparisons with their courses, citing the relevance of Outward Bound’s past, present and future, and through their empathy and conduct, vindicated just how enduring and impactful an Outward Bound experience can be.

For your company, empathy and willingness to engage and support, we at Outward Bound thank all the guests who attended.


If you'd like to attend a future event at Eskdale, Ullswater or Aberdovey please contact Dylan | dylan.carroll@outwardbound.org.uk

It was quite an amazing experience. Being back at the Centre was like coming home; and meeting other Old Outward Bounders was a reminder of all we went through in our time there. The way everything was organised and managed was exceptional.
Mr D, Eskdale 1960.
What is it that Outward Bound has, that can unite the young, present/past leaders and participants of all ages? All with a different memory, story, experience? I definitely want to thank all those who made it possible for us to see the present setup, to compare this with my 1951 course. To see, to compare, to reflect and be impressed that the essence of Outward Bound remains. Now I’m left reflecting on all the adventurous positive experiences I’ve had in life due to that ‘something’ being planted way back in 1951.
Mrs B, first Girls’ course, Eskdale 1951

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