Generation Green launch on BBC Radio Cumbria
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Generation Green launch on BBC Radio Cumbria

As part of the recent launch of Generation Green, coalition member The Outward Bound Trust were invited to interview on BBC Radio Cumbria’s evening show. YHA Executive Director Anita Kerwin-Nye and Head of Scout Adventure Asa Gurden joined the conversation with Outward Bound’s Director of Scotland & Innovation Martin Davidson and broadcaster Helen Millican.

It was clear from the outset that all parties were excited for the launch, to be working alongside other great leaders in the industry on such a momentous project. Context provided by Anita highlighted the importance of Generation Green to getting young people into the outdoors and connecting to nature. She suggested how effective these activities are at improving health and wellbeing, academic success and at bringing fun into daily life. Most importantly, it was highlighted how those young people who would benefit the most from the outdoors access it the least. This is our key demographic.

Outward Bound’s Martin went on to demonstrate how the project will impact the bigger picture, “…connection to nature is the foundation for people wanting to care for the global environment. With the next big crisis that’s coming our way in terms of global warming, it’s important that young people intrinsically want to care for the natural environment. These experiences in nature are so important. You can teach young people facts about what is happening to the happening to the glaciers, the polar ice caps, etc, but unless people have that real connection with nature then they’re unlikely to take the action that’s required. That’s one of the great things that we’ll achieve through Generation Green.”

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