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Beyond Workplace Boundaries

Guest blog - Callum Haynes

Apprentice, Callum Haynes, completed an Outward Bound residential in 2023 as part of his development with United Utilities. In his blog, he dives into the experiences he had during his five days at Eskdale.

Embracing Challenge

Setting off on the Outward Bound adventure in the Lake District, I was dropped into an environment that tested my resilience and willingness to embrace discomfort! The ‘Jog and dip’ was just the beginning of a journey that taught me the essence of teamwork and the strength found in vulnerability.

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Conquering Together

The gorge scramble and subsequent challenges brought our team closer, revealing the power of collective effort. Each physical test was also a mental battle, proving that together, we could overcome any obstacle, including the daunting heights and deep waters. The climb up Scafell Pike was a monumental task that taught me the value of persistence and the beauty of the journey. Every step, laden with the weight of my pack, was a reminder of the importance of perseverance, culminating in a profound sense of achievement at the summit.

I’ve also made great friends and connections with people that work across United Utilities
Callum, United Utilities apprentice

Building More Than Rafts

Our final task of constructing and navigating a raft symbolised the culmination of our shared experiences. It wasn’t about the raft but about building bonds, understanding, and appreciation for each team member's unique contributions.

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Through this adventure, I've learned that the greatest obstacles often lead to the most valuable lessons, and that stepping out of my comfort zone is where true growth begins.

Upon reflection, there are some things we could’ve done differently to communicate more effectively or streamline some tasks throughout the week. But what really matters, and what I have taken back to work, is that every task was completed to a good standard and with excellent teamwork.

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