Free Webinar: Transforming Early Careers Talent through outdoor…

Free Webinar: Empowering your future leaders

Empowering future leaders: Transforming Early Careers Talent through outdoor learning

Responsible for early careers talent development?

Is it time to think OUTSIDE of the box in terms of your early careers development strategies?

Our webinar, in partnership with the ISE, is tailored for Early Careers and Emerging Talent Managers and professionals who are looking for inspirational ways to develop early careers talent.

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With an evidence-based approach, the outdoor residential setting develops connections, embeds organisational values and advances self-awareness through accelerated learning.

This short webinar will dive into the strategies we use to:

  • Engage your young workforce
  • Cultivate a growth and futuristic mindset
  • Foster strong connections
  • Boost retention of new talent
  • Unearth leadership skills
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Address the unique needs of today’s early professionals
  • Balance early talent's needs with integration into a professional environment

Register now

When: Thursday 16 May 2024

Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Where: ZOOM Webinar

Cost: Free

Expect to learn something new, discuss best practice, widen your early careers network, and perhaps challenge some of your own ideas.


Class of covid, digital natives, highly driven with clear expectations and boundaries...

Early careers talent

We work with over 4000 apprentices, grads and future leaders every year. Working on the skills and behaviours they need to succeed in your workplace.

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