18 things to do in a winter lockdown
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18 things to do in a winter lockdown

We all need to stay indoors as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the outdoors in or make the most of our daily exercise. We’ve been inspired by what we can do at Outward Bound in winter, from home.

  1. Make a frost angel.

  2. Crunch through snow or frost.

  3. Lean right into the wind and stay upright.

  4. Pretend to be a dragon as your breath condenses like smoke!

  5. Drink a mug of hot chocolate outside and savour the flavour!

  6. Toast marshmallows.

    You don’t need a campfire for this! Simply cover a slice of lightly toasted bread with a layer of marshmallows and pop under the grill. Watch them - they don’t take long and can burn fast!

  7. When dark, count all the stars you can see.

  8. Put your hand in water that’s so cold it feels warm!

  9. Go into your garden at night and use a torch to find your way around.

  10. Bury someone in leaves.

  11. Watch from your window, can you see the sunrise or set? Which direction are you facing?

  12. Howl at the full moon on Jan 28 or Feb 27.

  13. Shhhh. Just listen. Is there less traffic than normal? Can you hear any birds?

  14. Help wildlife. Make a feeder or leave a shallow dish of water for animals to drink and wash in.

  15. Memory game. Remember 10 things you can see from your window.

  16. Name that tree.

    How many different trees can you see from your window or walk past during your daily exercise? The Woodland Trust have a free app you can use to help identify them.

  17. Write a nature quiz for your family.

  18. Draw the view from your window.

    How much nature is visible on your skyline? Trees, a hill, clouds or plants in a garden?
Can you do all 18 by Spring?

We challenge you to try and do as many of these as you can! Download our checklist, pin it up somewhere and tick off as you complete each activity.

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