15 things you'll get to know at Outward Bound
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15 things you'll get to know at Outward Bound

Summer Adventures edition

1. The jog and dip

It always starts with the jog and dip. A long-held tradition of ours, it's perfect at getting your adrenaline pumping and out of your comfort zone from the get-go. Trust us, it's the perfect way to kick start any adventure.

The jog and dip
Napping becomes second nature
2. Being a pro napper

Think you already have this skill? Think again. Boats, bivvy bags, backpacks, buses, your pal's shoulder. Wherever you end up, you'll soon find you've gained the remarkable skill of grabbing a quick 40 winks in between all your activities, expeditions and adventures.

3. Campfire vibes

The perfect way to unwind after a busy day, campfires are like natures TV. Great for swapping stories, toasting marshmallows and keeping you warm (obviously).

Campfires on the beach
Boil in the bag meals
4. Boil in the bag meals

"Boil in the what now?"....We know, we know. It sounds weird. But after a tough day on the mountains, there's nothing better than tucking into one of these bad boys. They're a bit like army ration packs, with dishes like all-day-breakfast, meatballs and pasta and vegetarian curry with rice to choose from. There's even a chocolate pudding!

5. Your instructor

One person you'll definitely get to know is your instructor. There for you from start to finish, they'll always have your back. Whether it's rescuing you from a bog and helping retrieve your boot (it happens), or giving you a pep talk before jumping in a sailing boat for the first time, they're there to help you.

Mentoring from your instructor
No such thing as bad weather
6. The weather

While we can't guarantee the best weather in the world (this is the UK after all), we can guarantee it will be varied. From heat waves to thunderstorms, snow showers to sunshine, it will be weird, it will be wonderful. So bring your sunnies and suncream! For everything else like waterproofs, hats, gloves and scarves, we've got you covered. Literally.

7. "Useful" international phrases

In 2018 30% of our participants travelled from overseas, which means you can bet that at some point you'll be introduced to a "useful" new phrases in another language. Don't ask.

"My feet smell of what?"
Die Füess stinke wies Chäs-Fondue gester z'Obig!
The commando crawl, Aberdovey
8. Yourself

It may sound cliché, but it's true! At Outward Bound you'll get to know more about yourself and what you're capable of. Whether it's the commando crawl or climbing wall, making new friends or just being away from home. The experiences you'll go through will give you a fresh perspective on life, so when you return home you're able to realise that you can do more than you think.

9. Summer sounds

It happens every year, there's always a sound of the summer. It may start out as an innocent whistle, or someone humming, but sooner or later it's stuck in everyone's heads. Previous classics include: Take Me Home, Country Roads and I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)...

The sounds of Outward Bound
More green time less screen time
10. Nature

It's easy to see why. Most of the time you'll be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and making the most of nature's playground. Imagine rock faces rather than artificial climbing walls and wild running rivers, instead of swimming pools.

11. Your feet

Following your expedition, you'll have a whole new appreciation for your feet. They'll smell weird, look weird and feel a bit weird too. Don't worry though, it's perfectly normal. So long as you look after them they'll look after you!

These boots are made for walking
Home is where you pitch your tent
12. Your rucksack

Sure, it can be heavy but it's also very useful! Like a moving hotel, it's where you'll keep your tent, your clothes, your rations and your spare change for an ice cream at the end of the day. Just make sure you pack it correctly! There's nothing worse than having to dig to the bottom of your bag for a missing glove.

13. A sense of belonging

Once an Outward Bounder always an Outward Bounder. By spending your summer with us you'll be joining over 75 years of history. Ooh! And you'll get a badge at the end of it too.

Join the Outward Bound family
Friends for life
14. Friends for life

Providing we've done our job right, you'll realise that the hardest part of Outward Bound wasn't the gorge scrambling, rock climbing, sea kayaking or final expedition in the pouring rain, but saying goodbye to all the people you’ve met and friends that you've made.

15. What have we missed?

Have you been to Outward Bound before? Email your suggestions and we'll add the best one to our list: marketingteam@outwardbound.org.uk

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