Your personal data

Your personal data & The Trust's website

When you access or interact with this website, we record and process some of your personal information. This page tells you more about what information we gather, what we need it for, and your rights relating to your personal data.

We protect your personal data and will never sell it to anyone.

The Outward Bound Trust is a data controller for your personal data relating the use of this website. Our contact details are at the foot of every page on this site. Please also see our general Privacy Statement for information about ways we use personal data that aren’t related to the use of this website.

We use some third-party suppliers to help us manage our website’s security and functionality, and to understand more about how people use it and how people came to the website in the first place. Where this is the case, we use legal and contractual arrangements to ensure that your data is looked after appropriately. However, some content on our pages, such as embedded YouTube video, is served directly by third parties who gather and process personal data on their own terms as independent data controllers.

Data We Process

We gather and process the following types of personal data as people use this website. We don’t necessarily gather every type for every person. Most of the data we gather is primarily used for statistics and to keep the website running securely.

  • The public IP address of the device you’re accessing the website on;
  • Information your device sends us about the web browser and operating system that you’re using;
  • Statistical information about which pages you visit and how long you spend on them;
  • If you visited via a link that we shared on social media or in an email, details of that link and which of our marketing campaigns it came from;
  • If you’re making a donation or a booking, technical information related to processing the payment;
  • Any information you enter into a form on this website – see our general Privacy Statement to find out how we look after that information.

The lawful basis of gathering and processing these types of data is our legitimate interests as an educational charity and as the operator of this website.


Your Data Rights

You have the following rights relating to your personal data. If you want to exercise any of your data rights, just get in touch with us using the details at the foot of this page. We may need to check that you are who you say you are, to keep your data safe.

  • The rights to know what data we hold about you, what we use it for, and to request a copy of personal information held about you
  • We will provide this information within one month. It will help us if you can be specific about the types of data you would like a copy of.
  • The right to request that any inaccuracies be corrected
  • We will usually be able to do this immediately, although in some circumstances it might take us up to one month to complete your request.
  • The rights to request us to stop processing your personal data and to request us to delete your personal data
  • There might sometimes be good reasons why we need to keep some data, even if you have asked us to delete it. For example, if you have asked us not to send emails to you, we will need to keep your email address to check against so that we don’t accidentally send you emails in future.
  • The right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office or the Fundraising Regulator

You can do this at any time. The Information Commissioner’s Office can be found at and the Fundraising Regulator can be found at

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer is John Chivall, Quality and Compliance Manager.