Update on 1000 days of summer

the impact of 1000 days

On 3 August, after 136 days of closure, we were able to welcome young people back to Outward Bound. No two young people had the same experience during the pandemic. But as we move out of lockdown what they need is the same - fun in a safe environment, the opportunity for friendship, the space to explore and be outdoors, time to be curious and to learn to believe in themselves.

1000 Days of Adventure gave young people access to fully funded, non-residential activity days to help them reconnect, rebuild and recharge. This page is dedicated to them, to their COVID stories and what they got from their summer adventure. We hope you'll see that the need for Outward Bound has not diminished. With your help we can extend these days through weekends and half term until the end of October.

No two stories are the same...

We were contacted by a recently widowed, NHS key worker. She's raising three children on her own on a low income.

She wanted her two oldest children to enjoy an adventure day because she thought they deserved a break. They'd struggled with the online learning aspect of homeschooling during the pandemic and she couldn't afford to buy them individual devices to work on. She'd also worked throughout, tackling the virus in the workforce. She wanted them to have fun on an adventure day that she couldn't have given them herself.

NB: image shown is not of this family

Rebuilding confidence

"My son witnessed me being assaulted by a gang of youths in an unprovoked attack outside our home in May and he was very brave and contacted the police and got the smaller children with me to safety.

He has struggled to play out since and spends most of his time on his game and has become a bit shy. I was very anxious afterwards and he looked after his little sister for me on the days I didn't cope very well. I would love for him to have this day."

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Young carer

We heard from the dad of a young girl who hates going to school as she has no confidence in herself. Her mum has multiple sclerosis and when he's at work she takes on the caring role for her mum.

Coming from a family of five, there aren't ever many treat days. Lockdown had it's highs and lows, but this young carer embraces the outdoors and loves walking. 1000 Days of Adventure gave her the opportunity to try new activities, a respite day that was much needed and greatly appreciated.

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Body image issues

"I'd like my daughter to attend as she had an extremely hard time during lockdown with body image issues and lack of confidence. She's been extremely lonely and the school councillor has suggested we make a GP appointment. When I saw 1000 Days of Adventure advertised I imagined it would benefit her very much and hopefully improve her confidence.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to apply, it is a wonderful thing you are doing, Thank you on behalf of any child you might help, even if it's not my daughter."

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Tough childhood

"My 11 year old step-son would benefit from an Outward Bound day as we have been going through a hard time as he doesn't have contact with his birth mother and his father has recently moved out of our family home due to depression.

Victor has had a tough childhood and loves being outside going on adventure but it's hard as I am on my own with him and my toddler so what one enjoys the other doesn't. He missed out on a lot at the end of primary so this would definitely boost him before his move to secondary school."

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420x600 1000 days canoe
My son has lost interest in interacting in any way with people his own age, on social media or face to face... An adventure day would benefit his mental health and help him back at school.
Reggie's Mum (names/images have been changed)
420x600 1000 days smiling girl
We live in a flat above a shop and we have no garden. I feel my daughter who is an only child has spent too much time indoors away from other children looking at a computer screen. She would love a bit of adventure.
Jade's Mum (names/images have been changed)
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400x500 1000 days running out of Ullswater
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Provide a day of adventure

Outward Bound are not getting any government funding for 1000+ Days of Adventure. If you'd like to provide a young person with the opportunity to attend Outward Bound, to reconnect, rebuild and recharge after lockdown and COVID-19 please make a donation today.

Book an adventure day

Do you know an 11-17 year old who would benefit from an adventure day between now and the end of October? We have a range of dates at our Aberdovey, Loch Eil and Ullswater centres.