Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund

Supporting Young people

As an educational charity, we work hard to make our outdoor learning programmes accessible to as many young people as possible through our bursary fund.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, last year The Outward Bound Trust were able to provide £3.1 million in bursary support. Without this financial aid, for 80% of our participants their families' financial situation would have been a barrier to them taking part in this life-enhancing experience.

In 2017 The Outward Bound Trust were approached by the CCHF Board of Trustees. They were looking for a charity with similar aims and objectives to CCHF, who were capable of taking on their work and future proofing their legacy. They recognised that the aims, objectives, ethos and mission of The Trust were very similar to that of CCHF and that by making a deed of gift to The Trust, would enable us both to better achieve our mission of helping young people from challenging backgrounds across the UK.

"Our decision to make a deed of gift to The Outward Bound Trust is a natural next step on our organisation’s journey. The Outward Bound Trust was selected due to its clear goals and ethos which are shared with CCHF, and the organisation’s strong commitment to helping young people learn and grow through wilderness adventures in the UK’s most challenging landscapes."

Lydia Davis, CEO of CCHF All About Kids.

The Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund

In March 2018 CCHF made a deed of gift to The Trust and ceased to exist in its current form. Two of their Trustees joined our Board in order to ensure continuity and sharing of expertise.

While Outward Bound's mission, values and way of operating has not changed we believe that we will be enriched as an organisation by the strong history being brought from CCHF and know that their legacy will live on through an expanded bursary programme for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To recognise this, we have renamed our unrestricted bursary fund: The Outward Bound CCHF Bursary Fund.

“This is an exciting new step in the history of The Outward Bound Trust and we are confident that the move will bring significant benefits to the organisation and to the young people we engage with. CCHF have a long and impressive history of delivering positive results for young people, and we welcome the opportunity to help them continue this work for many years to come as a result of their deed of gift to The Outward Bound Trust.”

Nick Barrett, CEO of The Outward Bound Trust.