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Young people are facing extraordinary struggles in a world of unprecedented challenges.

Their future is uncertain, casting shadows of doubt and anxiety. Over half of today's youth feel less confident about what lies ahead since the pandemic. An alarming 40% confess to a sense of helplessness and feel less in control of their lives than ever.

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But within each young person, regardless of their background or financial situation, lies untapped potential.

At Outward Bound, we immerse young people in Mother Nature and challenge them to conquer the wild. This is where true growth happens - life's most powerful lessons happen outside the classroom and when you step outside your comfort zone.

But sadly, not every young person has the chance to unearth their true capabilities. Many remain in the shade, their potential obscured by circumstances beyond their control.

Supporting Outward Bound means you'll equip young people with the skills they need for themselves and their community, learning that lasts far beyond their classroom walls.

We'll shape a brighter future for tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Every contribution brings us closer to igniting the spirit of adventure within young people.

The call of the wild beckons. Will you answer it?


You can support us in many ways, either as a corporate supporter, individual donor or by participating in our fundraising events.

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Outdoors for all

We're backing the Education Bills and campaigning for every child to experience the transformative power of Outdoor Education.

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