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Top 5 reasons why people choose an Outward Bound summer adventure in the UK:

1) They're looking for a real adventure

We believe in immersing young people as deeply as possible in the natural environment, each summer we deliver our most ambitious adventures around the mountains, rivers and lakes of the British Isles. Attracting individuals from over 30 different countries to embark on the most powerful of journeys across land and water. From rowing across lakes and camping in the wild, to lighting fires and building shelters, outdoor adventure is at the heart of everything we do. 

Choose from 7 day and 19 day adventures.

2) They want to experience an international adventure.

Although based in the UK, our summer adventures attract participants from around the world. In 2017, over 30% of the young people who travelled to our centres were from overseas, giving everyone the opportunity to forge new international friendships.

Whilst we do not offer formal English lessons, this is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with English speakers and British culture in some of the UK's most spectacular national parks. 

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The Badge:

For every summer adventure completed, participants are awarded the esteemed Outward Bound fabric patch. Those that complete one of our more challenging 19-day adventures will also receive our famous Outward Bound metallic pin badge.

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3) They want to discover new places

From the moment participants arrive at centres they're immersed into a world of adventure, fun and challenge. Choosing Outward Bound is an opportunity to discover some of the British Isles most spectacular and remote places

From the stunning Welsh Coast, to the English Lake District and the wild Highlands of Scotland, the choice is yours: 



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4) They are looking for value for money

Our price is all-inclusive, which means food, accommodation, equipment and insurance is all included. We also offer a free coach transfer to and from each of our centres from a number of regional train stations and airport terminals.

Prices range from £649 for a 7-day adventure to £1,999 for a full 19-days.

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5) They're looking for experience and profesionalism

Established in 1941 by Kurt Hahn and Lawrence Holt, The Outward Bound Trust has been around for over 75 years. Since then we've helped over 1.2 million young people unlock their potential through our unique approach to learning and adventure in the wild.

Our instructors are experienced, committed and highly professional with facilitation, technical skills and qualifications.

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