The Italian Rusty Rally Challenge


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The Challenge

Take on the challenge of driving through 6 countries in 3 days, navigating some of the world’s most famous driving roads and spectacular high mountain passes. Add to the mix the fact that you have a car worth only £500 and this is a road trip worthy of a Top Gear special! This is The Rusty Rally.

Each evening The Rusty Rally Headquarters will relocate to a different town en route to our final destination, near the magnificent Lake Como. Having navigated your way to Rally HQ you will meet all the Rally teams to swap stories of strange people, places and cultures you have encountered along the way.

You will also get to enjoy local cuisine and entertainment and our intention is that every minute of your experience is an adventure, regardless of whether you are inside or outside of your vehicle.

Each car will have a minimum of two people and your team’s first challenge is to find a vehicle for £500 that can take you across Europe in style!


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The Rusty Rally, whilst a fun challenge, will raise important funds for The Outward Bound Trust and each car is requested to raise or donate £10,000. There is an additional registration fee of £250 per person to enter that covers costs.

The money raised will go towards funding our bursary schemes that enable disadvantaged young people to attend a life changing course. We focus on improving young peoples’ confidence, tenacity and resilience - keys skills which young people need in order to thrive in education, employment and life. With your help, we can make a positive and profound difference to huge numbers of young people from across the UK.

We have a team of dedicated fundraisers here to help you raise the £10,000. Successful teams have reached and exceeded this amount through a combination of corporate sponsorship, holding fundraising events and using professional and personal contacts. Please contact us to discuss what methods would work best for you.

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The Route

The beautiful 'Italian Route' travels through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland towards its final destination by the Italian Lakes. The rally is not a race, so teams are encouraged to stop off along the way and create their own European adventure.

Teams from previous rallies have visited military sites, sampled French cuisine, cruised through the famous Black Forest, had lunch by the towering Rhine Falls, driven over one of The Alps’ highest mountain passes and relaxed by the shores of the tranquil Lake Como (a regular hangout for the likes of George Clooney).


Day one


Rendezvous in Calais for an early mobilisation of The Rusty Rally teams. There will be time to exchange details and admire the mediocrity of the vehicles on display.

From here we set off for a dramatic day as we plough through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and into Germany. You could stop off at one of the many military sites en route, visit the Luxembourg wine cellars or have lunch in the charming medieval Belgium town of La Roche en Ardenne.

Day two



After a croissant and cafe au lait, we meet for a morning briefing before setting off. Our aim – to cross the border into Germany’s heartland. Travelling through the beauty of Baden-Baden we head onto the B500, one of Europe’s most beautiful driving roads through the magic of The Black Forest.

Stop off at Lake Titisee for some black forest gateau and maybe even a boat trip across the lake. Then visit The Rhine Falls, Europe's very own Niagara, before heading into the incredible wonder of Switzerland with its picture-book houses and dramatic mountains.

Rally HQ tonight is high in The Alps, where we will enjoy a bbq and beer steins high in the Alps to the sound of an oompah band!

Day three


Cross over the final border into Italy and enjoy a drive along the Italian Lakes, a popular retreat for aristocrats and Hollywood stars.

At our final Rally HQ we will enjoy an evening of Italian food and wine to celebrate your achievement.

Day four


Return Travel

The driving finishes at the Italian Lakes on Saturday, where we will have a celebratory dinner and overnight stay. On Sunday you can fly home from Milan or choose to drive back.


Terms and conditions


Terms & conditions must be agreed and adhered to. Please click this link to read them in full.



What is included in the event? Included in the challenge will be dinner and hotel accommodation (single or shared room) for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

What is not included? You will be responsible for all expenses related to your car, including insurance, breakdown cover and petrol. The challenge finishes at Lake Maaggiore and you will need to arrange your own return journey to the UK.

How can I reach the fundraising target? The Outward Bound Trust has a whole team of dedicated fundraisers with years of experience to help you raise the required funds. The Rusty Rally has functioned as a successful fundraising event for a number of reasons and there are ways to utilise your contacts, both personally and professionally, to comfortably raise enough money to enter the rally. Split between a team of 4, the fundraising ask goes down to £2,500 each and this might be a more achievable figure for many. It is worth arranging a call, or messaging us first, to properly understand the fundraising process and how you are able to secure your team’s place.

What if my car breaks down? It is highly recommended that you take out European breakdown cover for the event. This will be the quickest and most efficient way of repairing a broken down vehicle. We will also have dedicated mechanic on the route with us, who will either repair your vehicle or transport it to the next hotel. If your car is declared unfit to drive you can either hire a car or join another team. Remember it is an adventure, and the fact you’re doing it in an old banger is all part of the challenge.

How many other teams are on the rally? To maintain the standard of the rally we have an upper limit of 15 teams. This ensures the camaraderie and group feel of the trip is not compromised and we are able to put on an event that is of a very high quality.

Can I use a sat nav? How you get to each day’s destination is up to you so you can use any means necessary.

Where will we stay each evening? Hotel accommodation will be provided each night on a single or shared basis (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

How do we get home? You may choose to fly back, stay on or drive home. You can make your own arrangements. Please ensure you dispose of your car legally if you fly home. The organisers can arrange for your car to be transported home for you (for a fee).

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Contact Us

If you would like any further details, please don't hesitate to contact Alison Peet at or call 0203 301 6481.