The Rusty Rally Challenge


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Take on the challenge of the Viking Rally and drive through 6 countries in 3 days, covering a staggering 1000 miles. You will pass through the beautiful countryside of France and Belgium, the canals and lowlands of the Netherlands, the great cities of Northern Germany and the Nordic beauty of Denmark and Sweden.

Palin SmalEach evening teams will meet at the Rusty Rally Hotel, either in a city or remote location, to swap tales of the adventures had on the way. Teams will determine their exact route between locations and everyone’s experience will be unique, depending on the road they choose.

Our intention is that every minute of your experience is an adventure and we will ensure that you enjoy great local cuisine and entertainment so that, whether you are inside or outside of your vehicle, this is a trip you will never forget.

Each car will have a minimum of two people and your team’s first challenge is to find a vehicle for £500 that takes you into Northern Europe in Style!

Our Aim

The Rusty Rally, whilst a fun challenge, will raise important funds for The Outward Bound Trust and each car is requested to raise or donate £10,000. The entire sum will go directly towards funding our bursary schemes that enable disadvantaged young people to attend a life changing course. There is an additional registration fee of £250 per person to enter that covers costs.

We believe that a lack of funds should not be a barrier to boosting a young person’s confidence and self-esteem and improving their ability to work with others and to lead others. We are determined to make our courses as widely available as possible to all young people.



On this incredible route, you and your old banger will drive through 6 countries in 3 days, covering 1000 miles. You will pass through beautiful countryside, great cities, sweeping coastlines and cross bridges that span countries. Your exact route is up to you, so you can determine your own adventure. Your registration fee includes 3 nights at 4* hotels with fine dining and wine, as well as 2 RAC trained mechanics at your beck and call throughout the rally.




Meet the Rusty Rally teams in Calais and admire the old bangers before starting our long trip north. Cross the border into Belgium, maybe stopping off at one of the many military sites en route. Border crossing number three takes us into Holland, where you can have lunch by the the Zaan River, with 6 authentic and fully operational windmills or stock up on cheese in the town of Edam. The first bridge of the trip is a mere 20 miles long across the Wadden sea into Northern Holland.

Rally HQ tonight is the beautiful canal town of Groningen, reminiscent of a mini Amsterdam. Enjoy a traditional Dutch meal by the canalside, swapping stories of day one's adventures.


From Holland cross into northern Germany, where you could choose from a number of different routes up into Denmark. Visit the quaint 18th century village of Treppenviertel on the outskirts of Hamburg, home to enchanting windings stairways and perfect views of the rolling hills, go via Kiel to step inside a WWII U boat or take a coastal route via the farmlands and the picturesque harbour town of Husum.

Reach Denmark by late afternoon and cruise along peaceful roads as you drive further north to the beautiful Sinatur hotel near Vejle Fjord. Here we will enjoy a Danish meal in the old 15th-century manor house.



Today is a day of discovery – stop for coffee in the historical town of Odense, the home of Hans Christian Andersen, before taking the coastal trail to seek out small fishing villages, crossing between islands on huge bridges spanning the fjords below. Or head to the colourful city of Copenhagen before crossing the famous 10 mile long Øresund Bridge which links Denmark and Sweden. A drive up the coastline of south west Sweden takes you past the coastal towns of Halmstad, Varberg and Falkenberg.

Our final night is in the revived post-industrial City of Gothenberg, now one of Europe’s most sought-after destinations, we will celebrate our epic journey.


SundayAt leisure. You can make your own arrangements to return home from Gothenberg or you can choose to stay on for a few days. If you are not driving home we can arrange for a car transporter to return your car for a fee.

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Terms & conditions must be agreed and adhered to. Please click this link to read them in full.



What is included in the event? Included in the challenge will be 4* hotel accommodation and dinner  for the 14th, 15th and 16th September. We have chosen excellent hotels in both city-based and remote locations, so that each evening is a different experience. Teams meet at the end of the day's driving for a group meal and to swap stories of the day's adventures.

What is not included? You will be responsible for all expenses related to your car, including insurance, breakdown cover and petrol. The challenge finishes in Gothenberg (Sweden) and you will need to arrange your own return journey to the UK.

How can I reach the fundraising target? The Outward Bound Trust has a whole team of dedicated fundraisers with years of experience to help you raise the required funds. The Rusty Rally is a successful fundraising event and there are ways to utilise your contacts, both personally and professionally, to comfortably raise enough money to enter the rally. Split between a team of 4, the fundraising works out at £2,500 each and we can advise of the best ways for your team to achieve this. It is worth arranging a call, or messaging us first, to properly understand the fundraising process and how you are able to secure your team's place.

What if my car breaks down? We will have an RAC style van on the route with us, with two qualified mechanics. They will either repair your vehicle or transport it to the next hotel.  It is also highly recommended that you take out European breakdown cover for the event. If your car is declared unfit to drive you can either hire a car or join another team. Remember it is an adventure, and the fact you're doing it in an old banger is all part of the challenge.

How many other teams are on the rally? To maintain the standard of the rally we have an upper limit of 15 teams. This ensures the camaraderie and group feel of the trip is not compromised and we are able to put on an event that is of a very high quality.

Can I use a sat nav? How you get to each day's destination is up to you so you can use any means necessary.

Where will we stay each evening? 4* hotel accommodation will be provided each night on a single or shared basis (14th, 15th and 16th September).

How do we get home? The beauty of finishing in Gothenberg is that you can either fly back, stay on or drive home. You can make your own arrangements.  The organisers can arrange for your car to be scapped (for free) or transported home for you (for a cost).



For further details please contact Will Potter on 020 3301 6479 or via email