QA at Outward Bound, Eskdale

QA at Outward Bound Eskdale

The event

Thank you for joining us at Outward Bound, Eskdale.

We're very proud to be working in partnership with QA. As experts in the design and delivery of adventurous learning programmes, our approach to developing the behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standards perfectly complement QA’s technical skills and knowledge training.

For all queries, please contact John McCarthy by email or call 07780 957867.


About Outward Bound

During the event we talked about these documents - here are the links/downloads for you:

Outward Bound programme examples

Here are a few sample programmes and information specific to Outward Bound programmes themselves.


As a reminder, here's your agenda from Eskdale. Detailing how we explored how we can work in partnership to support your apprentices, graduates and future leaders.

Wednesday 5 December

Arrive 5pm
Introduction and familiarisation with the facilities at Outward Bound Eskdale
Introductory task
Exploration of learning models and theories used to support early careers learning
Evening meal

Thursday 6 December

A full day Outward Bound experience. Please see suggested kit list above. Outward Bound's mission is to unlock potential through learning and adventure in the wild, so your day will likely include an outdoor journey, including similar challenges and activities to those undertaken by your learners.
Return to centre for your evening meal.

Friday 7 December

How do Outward Bound design and deliver behavioural development programmes?
Looking at how we work with QA to align apprenticeship programmes to specific standards and how those programmes differ from our graduate and future leader interventions. We'll also discuss how we generate relevant evidence, support the transfer of learning, and create sustainable action plans.
Depart 11am with a packed lunch