Our strategy

Outward ReBound

As we emerge from the pandemic, the need for what Outward Bound does for young people has never been greater.

We have set a new, clear direction of travel for The Outward Bound Trust over the next two years in our strategy: Outward ReBound: Emerging from the pandemic 2022-2024.

Outward ReBound is our guiding framework that aims to take The Trust out of the Covid era and lay the groundwork for the next phase in its evolution.

Over the next two years, we will use this strategy as a key point of reference when we make decisions, develop our courses and account to the public.

Our priorities

The Outward ReBound plan identifies four priorities. The below is where we will concentrate our efforts. We have also identified targets to meet by the end of 2024 which will reflect our progress against these priorities.


To return to the pre pandemic scale of operation running high-quality traditional Outward Bound courses from our existing residential centres.


To run a limited number of experiments to test how best we can have a positive impact on a greater number of young people - with a particular emphasis on reaching those young people who might never ordinarily come to one of our residential centres.


To take steps to modernise the charity and make it fit for purpose in the post Covid era.


To return to financial sustainability after a loss-making period during the pandemic.

Our impact during covid-19

Our work with young people didn't stop during the COVID pandemic, even when we couldn't run our usual residential courses.

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As a charity, we need your support to help young people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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