Our Community Code

Our Community Code

We want everyone to have the best possible experience at Outward Bound. So that all participants, groups and guests can operate effectively and in harmony we have a simple set of house rules.

The laws of the UK apply*

  • Outward Bound’s safety rules and instructions must be followed*
  • No bullying or anti-social behaviour. Respect other people’s right to personal security and freedom from intimidation from others*
  • Respect the centre and other people’s property and possessions
  • Mobile phones are not to be used during activities unless approved by an instructor
  • Taking or having any illegal drugs in your possession is not allowed*
  • No exclusive behaviour
  • Smoking is restricted
  • Participants should not carry, or have knives or weapons in their possession*
  • Participants are not allowed to have their own supplies of alcohol
  • Participants may not leave the site unless on a programmed activity or with the specific knowledge of Outward Bound staff
  • Participants are not allowed in other people’s bedrooms, showers or drying rooms
  • Valuable items should be handed in to a member of staff for security or remain in bedrooms. Outward Bound can’t be held responsible for valuables unless they are handed in for safe keeping.

Please note: (*) indicates situations that could result in you being removed from your course.


Alcohol can cause significant safety risks as well as causing serious disruption to the smooth running of the centre. Alcohol is only permitted in the centre for over 18s with the agreement of the Head of Centre. Anyone found to be negatively affected by alcohol will be removed for safety reasons.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) are only allowed in designated outdoor areas. Smoking is not allowed inside any Outward Bound building or on activities or expedition.


We have a duty of care to ensure that no sexual behaviour is permitted at Outward Bound. Additionally, we ask that any couples do not exhibit exclusive behaviour. This can stop others from feeling that they can take an active role in their group, damaging team dynamics.


The Group Instructor, Duty Instructor or Visiting Staff member will deal with most disciplinary measures. In more serious cases where the centre rules have been broken or a participant repeatedly acts in a disruptive manner, the following procedure from our participant support scheme is followed:

Stage 1
The participant is given a formal verbal warning by either their Instructor or the Course Director. This is only recorded within Outward Bound.

Stage 2
Participants are given a final formal written warning by either the Course Director (as directed by a Manager) or a Manager. The participant’s sponsor, employer, parent or guardian will be informed about the warning by telephone. If unavailable, other methods of communication will be used.

Stage 3
The participant is withdrawn from their programme. The participant’s sponsor, employer, parent or guardian is informed by telephone and email that they will be coming home. Outward Bound does not take responsibility for the participant once they have left the centre.

In the case of any illegal or suspected illegal activity the police will be called.