Investing in people: Can you really do it all?



Investing in people: Can you really do it all?

Responsible for early careers talent? What comes at the top of your priority list?

  • Embedding your organisational values?
  • Nurturing professional behaviours?
  • Improving retention?
  • Integrating the themes of your ESG strategy into your programmes?
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Can you do it all?

Join us for an interactive workshop and networking event where we'll discuss:

  • Creating a Win-Win environment. Aligning individual growth with organisational objectives.
  • The impact of ESG-focused programmes on attracting a new generation of talent, including environmental stewardship.
  • Balancing development and retention. The role of continuous learning and career progression in staff retention.
  • Thinking outside of the box. Leveraging outdoor experiential learning to instill loyalty and enhance skill sets.
  • Evaluating investment outcomes. The impact of employee satisfaction and retention on corporate reputation.

This event is also about you!

  • You'll take a moment to explore how your behaviours can help you work more effectively with your early careers talent

Can you make it?

When: Wednesday 3 July 2024, 10:30 - 14:30

Where: Manchester

Cost: It's free to attend and includes lunch!

Warning: this event IS NOT for you if you want to sit back and watch a presenter read from PowerPoint.

Expect to learn something new, discuss best practice, widen your early careers network, and perhaps challenge some of your own ideas.

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A decade of impact

Embedding organisational values, self-management and working with others were amongst the competencies developed during an Outward Bound residential

Early careers talent

We work with over 4000 apprentices, grads and future leaders every year. Working on the skills and behaviours they need to succeed in your workplace.

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