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Which airports are nearest your centres?

If you’re traveling by plane, we recommend that you fly to one of these airports.

Aberdovey, Wales: Birmingham Airport – 125 miles from centre

Ogwen, Wales
: Manchester Airport - 97 miles from centre

Loch Eil, Scotland: Glasgow Airport – 140 miles away and Edinburgh Airport 146 miles from centre

Ullswater, England: Manchester Airport – 120 miles from centre

Which train stations are nearest your centres?

If you’re traveling by train, we recommend you aim for one of these stations.

Aberdovey, Wales: Aberdovey – 1.5 miles from centre

Ogwen, Wales: Bangor 11.6 miles or Betws-y-Coed 10.7 miles from Centre

Loch Eil, Scotland: Loch Eil Outward Bound and Fort William – 0.3 and 6 miles from centre, respectively

Ullswater, England: Penrith – 8 miles from centre

Is there parking at your centres?

At some centres, yes. But it’s very limited so if you’ve got your own car and would prefer to drive, please make sure you check with us before you travel. If you can get dropped off even better!

How do I get from Glasgow Central Train Station to Bauchanan Bus Station?

A bus service (number 398) runs from Glasgow Central Railway Station to Buchanan Bus Station every 10 minutes or you can walk to it, in a similar time.