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What are the dorm rooms like and who will I be sharing with?

The dorms will be of different sizes and will mostly have bunk beds in them, and some are ensuite. Depending on the course, either your school or Outward Bound will create a plan of who will share a room. This will depend on how many participants there are, etc. But whoever you will be sharing with – being roommates is always a good way to get to know new people!

Where do I shower?

Most dorm rooms have en-suite facilities, some may have a shower room just down the corridor.

What if I start my period?

Don't worry! You can still take part in every activity.

Pads and tampons are available from the dispenser in the shared toilets at the centre. You can also get them from the Logistics Hub at any time. Your instructor will always be carrying spare products when you are away from the centre. If you are experiencing period pains, you can also ask for painkillers.

Is there charging points in the dorm rooms?

Yes, there is usually at least one plug socket in the dorm, with some in the common areas.

Can I bring my mobile phone, valuables and is there internet access?

Yes, you can bring your phone, but during the day, whilst out on activities, we ask that phones are left at the centre. Access to the internet depends on the centre and your network provider.

What can we do in our free time in the evenings?

Most of our centres have a pool table and a football table. You can also do some sports activities like basketball and football. There is a selection of board games available from the shop, and you can watch films in the social lounge. Just ask your duty instructor.

What time will I have to get up at? Will we have any free time?

There is always plenty to do at Outward Bound. We like to start the day bright and early to fit it all into the day. Below is a sample outline of what a typical day at Outward Bound is like:

7am: Wake up
7.30-9am: Breakfast
9am-5pm: Activity time with your instructor
5pm-7pm: Dinner and free time
7pm-8:30pm: Activity time with your instructor
8:30pm-10:30pm: Free time
10:30pm: To dorms
11pm: Lights out

What can I buy in the shop?

Our shops don’t sell sweets or fizzy drinks. However, you can buy juice, crisps and cereal bars. It will also have a selection of souvenirs such as pens, hats, jumpers, etc., and also some emergency items like toothbrushes or soap. The shop will usually be open every evening during your free time.

Do I need any spending money? Do you accept card?

All our centres have a small shop (except Ogwen Cottage but there is a local shop close-by), which sells snacks, souvenirs and clothing. How much you need will depend on the length of time you're with us, but we recommend about £15. We don't accept card.

If you are coming on a Summer Adventure, you'll need at least £10 for a refundable deposit on any kit you borrow. Apart from that, your summer adventure is all-inclusive, so you don't need to bring any extra spending money.

Can I wash my clothes at the centre?

If you are joining our 5 Day Basecamp or 7-day Ridge Adventure, we don't offer a laundry service, except in emergencies.

If you are joining our 14 Day Summit Adventure, there is an opportunity for laundry at each centre. There will be a small charge of approx. £2.50.

If you are joining our 19 Day Pinnacle Adventure, as you aren't based at a centre, laundry opportunities are limited. However, there will be one or two washes of clothes available with a small charge of approx. £2.50.

Are there any rules to be aware of?

So that all participants and groups can operate effectively and in harmony we have a simple set of house rules, called our Community Code.